New Top 10 Largest Islands In Africa 2022 -Updated

Top 10 Largest Islands In Africa 2022

Top 10 Largest Islands In Africa 2022

Do you know where the largest Islands in Africa are? When most people think about coming to Africa, they think of a safari tour to the Masai Mara, a trip to Cape Town or to visit the ancient Egyptian monuments.

Africa has much more to offer tourists and visitors than all of these, and one place people can explore when they come to Africa is the islands. The islands have a unique and distinct collection of flora and fauna, beaches on the islands, and history.

The African islands are the geographical sub-region of the continent, the unique history and culture of the African islands influence the continent and if a closer look is taken at the map we will find the African islands there.

There are a total of forty-seven countries on the continent of Africa, and this includes the western savannah territory. If the islands off the African coast are included, it brings the total number of countries in Africa to fifty-three.

The island nations of Africa are made up of Cape Verde, Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Sao tome and Principe with each being an independent country with its own independent rights. These countries are famous for their beauty, they attract tourists, explorers and newlyweds.  

If an individual is in search of sandy beaches, clear water-friendly locals, and wildlife, a visit to one of these islands is a good fit. These islands have a lot to offer everyone and have a lot of fascinating and exciting activities. The list of the top ten largest islands in Africa showcases all of these.

Although the east African coast is well known for its islands being insecure. The islands of Africa can be divided into the Atlantic islands and Indian ocean islands but the largest number of islands in the continent are found in the ocean islands, the French territories of Mayotte and reunion are close by.

The islands of Zanzibar in Tanzania and the Kenyan islands are also part of the Indian Ocean, on the Atlantic coast, the largest island is in Cape Verde which is off the coast of western Africa. Sao tome and Principe are off the coast of the southwest coast of the African continent.

The island of Malabo and other smaller islands in Equatorial Guinea are prominent in the Atlantic Ocean. Other Spanish territories and the Canary Islands are in the Mediterranean Sea north of the Atlantic Ocean, Ascension Island, Tristan de Cuna and Saint Helena are off the southwest coast of Africa. 

Top 10 Largest Islands In Africa


Lamu Island is situated in the Lamu archipelago in Kenya. It is known for its quaint old town. The island is in the main town square on Lamu island. It is one of the oldest and most highly protected Swahili speaking settlements in the east of Africa

The city has a lot of characteristics, the town is made of mangrove wood, coral stone and the houses built there have balcony’s, courtyards and carved wooden doors. Most importantly there are no roads on this island so vehicles are hardly found only walking paths and alleys.

The island is off the shore of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, almost one hundred and fifty miles from Mombasa. The island came into existence in the twelfth century. It remains one of the most well preserved and established settlements of the Swahili speaking people of Kenya to date, and the inhabitants have been there for seven hundred years.

The mixture of the native people with sailors and traders created a healthy social structure and social class, the weather on the island is mostly warm between twenty-three and thirty-three degrees Celsius.


Zanzibar is one of the biggest islands in Africa. This island is located off the coast of Tanzania and has been a crucial trading point for so many centuries. It has a combination of African, Arab, and Indian influences, which can be spotted in the culture. Some places to visit in Zanzibar include Change, Stone Town, Manamba Island, Zanzibar Old Fortress, and Jozani Chawaka National Park.

Other main attractions on the island include mosques, courtyards, bazaars, and white beaches. The main industries of Zanzibar are tourism, spices, and raffia. They also produce nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper, and for this reason, Zanzibar is sometimes referred to as the “spice islands”.

Due to the government’s development in tourism, it increased from nineteen thousand tourists in 1985 to three hundred and seventy-six thousand in 2016.

People can go to the island through five ports and also Abid Amani Karoma international airport, which serves up to 1.5 million people every year. The marine system of the island is essential to fishing. The marine ecosystem serves as a nursery for fish.


There are lots of seal colonies along the coastline of southern African islands, which provides the opportunity to enjoy long seal works. It provides a crystal blue Indian ocean and beaches. The popular seal island is known as Cape Fur Seals.


The map of the islands in north Africa will take you through Djerba in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very important island in North Africa, off the coast of the south of Tunisia.

It is popular with tourists because of its beaches and sports activities, and it also boasts of calm and unique countryside. The culture and traditions of the people also seem fascinating to tourists.


This island is in the east of Kenya and holds one hundred and fifteen beautiful islands, although when compared to other African countries, the island has quite a small population.

Visitors are drawn to the island because of its very sandy beaches, wildlife, and diving. The expansion of the luxury resorts makes it a good choice for honeymoon couples.


The country itself is in an archipelago with the islands of Mauritius, Rodriguez, Saint Brandon, and Aglaga. It is the hub of business and pleasure for Africans, Indians, and Europeans.

It has a lot of options for beach resorts and also places for various activities like fishing and diving. The depths of the island contain mammals, birds, and different species of plants.


The island of Nosy Be is an amazing destination in Madagascar and attracts many visitors from all over the world. It offers an abundance of unique collections of flora and fauna, and it is believed, in particular, that ninety per cent of the wildlife of Madagascar are found nowhere on earth. 


Comoros is a non-rhythmic destination that is off the east coast of Africa. Lovers of serenity will love this island. The island boasts of rich rain forests, beaches, and a mix of Arab and Swahili culture. Moheli marine park is the only park in the island and it is surely captivating.


Many people who live on this island speak Portuguese and it is located off central Africa. It is popular with tourists because of its sporting activities, people can also go to the village of fishermen or watch birds on this island. Other activities to try out include its coffee and chocolates.


Sal is the destination on this island that is visited frequently and this place is entertaining for tourists who want to experience more culture of Africa.

The word ‘sal’ in Portuguese means salt, and this name is right considering how salty the beaches are. There are also options for bars, nightlife events, and music, and it is one of the most popular islands in Africa considered by couples and tourists.


This list shows us how much Africa is blessed with beautiful islands and each of them washed by the marine waters of the Indian ocean.

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