Brighter Monday Job Opportunities – Production Chemist

New Production Chemist Job Announcement Released At BrighterMonday Kenya Company - Tanga


As a Product Druggist in Cream and Jelly product, you’re responsible for the day-to- day production. To supervise, motivate, and educate your product support staff daily. Likewise applying a team approach and maintaining open communication. You are anticipated to plan, schedule, map, and oversee all product conditioning. During that, coordinating with deals company and maintaining the establishment’s profitability by icing product of quality products will continue. 

You should perform essential functions to ensure overall client satisfaction and quality service. Establish and maintain an effective ground of communication between inferior workers and operation. Insure effective planning and scheduling of help and outfit to reduce work conflicts, detainments and problems. 

General and Executive duties 

 Maintain professionalism. Reflect the company’s commitment to quality among workers. Also, nonstop enhancement, equivalency, openness and respect for all workers. (in their separate positions and workers under your supervision). 

 Give a positive, motivating illustration for lower position workers. 

 Contribute to a positive work terrain that reflects the separate Core Values of the company. 

 Write reports on the progress of work you’re doing or have done in case of change of position or leaving work. 

 Supervise the Product team to produce and prioritize jobs. When necessary, reorganize to meet deadline changes and updates. 

 Behave with all OSHA safety conditions. Update yourself on a nonstop base.

 Maintain product control records and give information to the departments you correspond with to meet their schedules and operating plans. 

 Insure the completion of all duties with a minimum of waste and abuse to outfit. 

 Ensure hand safety training is conducted as needed by Company Policy. Overall responsibility for all aspects of Product area hygiene, environmental including health and safety. 

 Ensure Company programs & procedures are followed by the workers you supervise. 

 Meet all assigned pretensions and help others in negotiating their pretensions. 

 Conduct formal performance reviews per company policy to be suitable to help elect workers that earn perk or awards. 

• Ensure evaluation of hand work performance, recommendation creation, payment increase and correctional action in the department. Liaise with the Human Resource department to initiate correctional measures according to company policy when demanded. 

• Inform your administrator and Directors of any outfit and product related challenges. As formerly challenge has been ascertained and outfit time-out is material. 

• Maintain a safe work terrain and ensure the conservation and keep of the physical position. 

 Product Druggist Duties

01- Insure that products are produced and stored according to the applicable attestation in order to gain the required quality. 

02- Authorize the instructions relating to product operations, including the in- process controls and insure their strict perpetration by all workers working with or under you. 

03- Insure that the product records are as per government demand and are handled and inked by a designated person. 

04- Insure the conservation of the department, demesne and outfit is done and they look clean and machines are in good working condition. 

05- Insure that the applicable calibrations of control outfit’s are performed, recorded and kept nonpublic and the reports are readily available in case of examination from nonsupervisory authorities. 

06- Insure that the needed original and uninterrupted training of product help is carried out and acclimated according to requirements or product challenges that arise. 

07- Grounded on the deals plan, induce diurnal work plans in cream section, greasepaint section, liquid section and in petroleum jelly. 

08- Organize Force planning grounded on a day’s product 

09- Make sure you cover, corroborate the process and documents daily. 

10- Make sure you initiate the batch manufacturing records and material importunity slip. 

11- Insure that you check all the finished goods after product and quilting and you hand them over to the storehouse in- charge for stock with records. 

12- Attend on minor service filling and manufacturing machines as well as attending any issues that will be coming over. 

13- Check the machines for preventative conservation and make sure it’s done by separate department. 

14- Produce a material consumption report in all the sections of product (cream, greasepaint, liquid and petroleum jelly), and pass the report to the storehouse in- charge on a yearly base. 

15- Coordinate with the quality control for in process quality control checking during on line in filling area as well as in manufacturing area. 

16- Give training to the workers under your department wherever its necessary. 

17- You’ll be responsible for company penalties like forfeitures that will come over due to your negligence, negligence of inferiors under your care or failing to do the needful. 

 Working Conditions 

01. Capability to tone- reflect and work in cooperation 

02. Focus on Issues 

03. High position of communication, organizational and leadership chops 

04. Professional approach and particular responsibility 

05. Capability to demonstrate action and work under pressure 

06. Capability to plan and manage work singly 

07. Capability to maintain nonpublic information 

08. Respect for individual differences and quality 

09. Demonstrated commitment to literacy, developing chops and participating knowledge and information 

10. Capability to acclimatize to change. 

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