How to Stream Football Live For Free, Websites To Watch Football Matches For Free.

Football; it’s among the popular sports in the world. Everybody who likes football tries to find the best platform for free streaming football live. So, what are the best sites for free sports streaming football online using your devices? This article in this page can be a solution today. Here we gathered some known sites that offers football streaming for free. Keep on reading and make the best choice for you.

Don’t forget about the VPN

Due to some geo restrictions in some of the sites. Sometimes needs to install VPN in your device to access them. Virtual Private Network (VPN) hides your location and use a virtual location.

There are lots of VPN free service providers to use for streaming football. For the best experience, using trial options can help you so that you could see which service works the best. This is for all devices including laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. For devices like smart tv try to use VeePN for restricted sites . Services like VeePN totally ensure safe and hassle-free access to all the websites for free football streaming.

What are the best sites for streaming live football?

After that introduction, here is a list of football streaming websites that are definitely worth your attention.

1. Live Soccer TV

The user’s friendly website that offers the live football service for free. The platform is available in both mobile phones and laptops. The good story about mobile phones is that they have their mobile application that works exactly the same as the website.

This site doesn’t need any signup to stream football live. Also, the site has multiple languages in live streams. In this article we aimed to discuss football but this site streams not only football, but also other games. You can explore them by navigating it.

The only drawback is pop-up ads. If it is not available in your region, try downloading VeePN for Smart TV to access this streaming platform.

2. Live TV

Over 20 million visitors every month uses this site for football streaming. The site is highly responsive in mobile phones. Also, this site is available all around the world so there is no need of downloading VPN to stream in this website.

Not only streaming football live is the feature for this site. The site offers many lovely features to football fans such as latest match news, forums, match statistics for ongoing games. Also, the site includes search option to ensure it is user-friendly.

To use this site, you need to create your account just for free and starting streaming. All are free of charge.


This is a top-notch platform most viewers are excited about. It is found in mobile apps for iOS and Androids also. The site offers high quality streaming without lags during the game. There are many other sports available like racing, tennis, etc.

Its key feature is a user-friendly, intuitive, and smooth interface. Sony Liv offers other many services apart from football including some news, magazines, educative programs and it’s sponsored by SONY PICTURES.


If pop-up ads are likely to boring you check out Hotstar. this is an online streaming platform that offers an amazing user experience. The streaming quality in this platform is quite higher with no lagging.

Hotstar is among the top site for free football streaming online. User friendliness for this site is optimized to give a best enjoyment ever.

Hotstar offers both free and paid subscriptions to its users. The only disadvantage is that users in some countries need VPN apps to live stream. Also, you need to sign up for you to use this service . In Smart TV, if having installed VPN you have no problems with this platform.


Among the popular social platform is Facebook. Facebook watch is new service that offers creator to go live or upload videos for their fans. Currently many football matches are shown live in this feature. It’s just like YouTube but inside Facebook.

The feature has no any area restrictions, so no need for VPN. Also, the matches are streamed in multiple languages. The personalized search feature is active to search any game you want.

Many football clubs stream their matches live using this feature in Facebook. So, the ease way to stream football live using Facebook, is by searching the Club’s page.


The platform with higher engagement now. The site offers football live streaming for free. High quality graphics and low data cost during streaming. The most important point is that there is no need to sign up.

Pop-up ads for this site are highly limited. This makes the platform more user friendly.

Apart from streaming football live the site also have news and magazines about all sports. Updates on different latest news is available.

7. Sport PLUS

Sport Plus is a platform offering live streams of different sports events all over the world. No need for signup, no need for VPN, you just navigate the site and start streaming the match. However, some content and options are available to paid users only.

In free plans services are limited and also there are pop-up ads. In premium plans there is no limitation and no ads there.

8. SportRAR

A completely free streaming site. The site is offering high quality football streams. It has good and responsive user interface. SportRAR also offers such perks as game analysis, live score, etc. Users get direct links to the streams, which is also great gift opportunities. These perks enable the user to enjoy football live without ads

9. Alkoora live

The site that also offers football live streaming for free. This site user Persian and Arabic languages but is quite good one. It is responsive in all devices and has higher quality streaming graphics.

These are the platforms to take into account while searching for the best football streaming website. The content on all of them is great, and we hope you will pick the website meeting all your requirements.

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