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Requiremets to Apply for STEM Program at Serengeti Breweries LTD | Keypoints

Job Description 

We’re inviting largely ambitious youthful women to join our expiring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Apprentice program at Serengeti breweries Limited – effective July 2022! 

About Us 

Diageo is the world’s most commanding decoration drinks company. It has an outstanding collection of brands, similar to Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray and Guinness. Our purpose – Celebrating life, every day, and everyplace. Also, it has an important part in our company, for our people, our diversity, our brands, in how we perform and how we produce participated value. 

At Serengeti Breweries (SBL), we take pride in continuously investing in Gift to ensure that we’ve the stylish pool of coffers across our request. As a business, we’re known, admired and respected for our spirit and beer brands. These were erected by some of the literal titans of the assiduity, and their names which you’ll make indeed more prominent from day one. 

 The Occasion 

Join our strong force team encyclopedically. You will source, produce and move some of the world’s favorite spirits and beers across our value chain. In planning, manufacturing, logistics or specialized, you ’ll be saving us plutocrats. Furthermore, guarding the terrain and keeping all our characters thriving. 

 Are you the ONE? 

  • Everyone then wears numerous headdresses and gets exposed to a variety of challenges. You ’ll be girdled by people who are passionate about what they do. 
  •  To apply for the internship program, you must be graduates of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 times post-graduation) and hold a bachelor degree/ Advanced National Diploma or original in a public or accredited private academic institution in the following fields;
  1. Engineering (Chemical/ Electrical/ Mechanical/ Robotization & Instrumentation/ Artificial)
  2. Brewing (Food Science & Technology, Micro biology, Biochemistry, Chemical or Industrial  Engineering) 

What you’ll need 

  •  Substantiation of excellence in the stated fields. Whether you are experienced or not, we need some one with idea s with this career. The applicant must have an excellence in this position of job. 
  •  GPA of 3/5 or original. To apply for the job in Serengeti Breweries Limited the GPA must range from 3.0. Applicants with such kind of final university results will be considered for interviews. Moreover, there should  be a documents prooving their results as in normal cases.
  • Have a desire to gain professional experience and incredibly eager to learn and explore possibilities. You should have a lerning spirit in order to push more. The more you upgrade your knowledge is the more you increase your value in the team. So, workers should be ready to constantly learn and gaining new experiences.
  •  Strong listening oral and spoken communication ability. Since the vacancies deals with people, the applicant should be well in language. They should be fluent in at least two languages including their mother language (Swahili). Good ability to capture the spoken words effectively. But also, know how to read and write in that language. The prefered second language is English.
  •  Ambition to learn with a high attention to detail and pride in your work. As the aim of each team is to achive higher, learning is unavoidable. The applicant should have a desire to work while learning. This will constantly upgrade their knowledge and hence improve their working quality. Apart from upgarding their personal knowledge, it will also help to increase the companies value by incraesing the production. 
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