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Start your Own Employment Opportunity | How To Be Your Own Boss Tips.

It is well known that employment has been a problem
among many youths. This challenge doesn’t face only Tanzanians or Africans. It
is worldwide issue. To solve this, there are few techniques. Where-by within
those technique commitment, creativity and innovations are prior to achieve.


Self-employment is always a story people
discusses about. But unfortunately, few knows about how is it. We want to share
with you on how to start your own employment opportunity. We focus on few real
practicable actions among youths.

Before starting explain those opportunities let
share first employment types. In real sense employment can be of two forms. One
is  employed employment and the second is
what we wanted to discuss, a self-employment.



Employed -Employment: is
the form where one works for another. It may be working for the government institution
or working for the private one. The nature of this employment is always
exploitative. This is due to the fact that, what is produced benefits the
employer much than the worker.

It is not the best form
of employment to succeed more in life. But due to our family backgrounds this
became the most suitable system for many. Employed employment doesn’t provide
the opportunity for one to work in his/her wishes. The system forces to follow
the rules and regulations of the employer.

Employed-employment has got
some advantage and disadvantages. According to your position you have to
compare where you fit best. Though we suggest you to push harder into second

The following are some
advantages of Employed Employment


in this employment system mostly in governmental institutions,
at the end of employment, employee receives a pension. Pension can then be used
to initiate some progressive programs. However this comes late but if managed,
it can be a good start up for economy and self-income growth.

EMPLOYER’s STATUS; since this system involves salary payments,
the economic status of employer is commonly good. This increase insurance of
employees to get their salary timely and correctly. As well known , employed-employments
are usually from governments and large private sectors.


this form of employment
in many area the working environment are quite cool. Leaving behind some
exploitative rules and regulations. Very easily to get loans from other
institutions. This is highly guaranteed by the constant salary receiving every

Employed-employment It
has an end. There is no guarantee to work forever in this employment. At a
certain age, workers are scheduled to retire forcefully. This gives time to
start your own issues using pension payments.

We move into the Disadvantages
of Employed employment. Since every thing must have its negative side, these
are for employed employment.

-The employees Working
environment are under supervision and control. It makes them feel inferior as
they are commanded by higher leaders. Working depends on high to low orders. No
excuses are entertained in this system. Always you are to follow Orders.

-Salary Paid is limited. Regardless the production or achievements met, salary
remains the same. The system is somehow exploitative as we said before. The one
who benefits from the positive fluctuation is only the employer.

-The salary paid rarely meets the employees’ needs. Since the salary in employed
employment is limited. Sometimes fails to meet the workers daily requirements
and needs.
-An employee lacks time to engage in other self-activities including production.
As the results the self-income growth becomes limited too. It is hard working
in limit hours. In additional An Employee works all the time when the employer
needs as long as the contract allows so.

2. SELF EMPLOYMENT; the system on which one works from his/her own
office. It’s a good system since there is reduced disadvantages compared to employed
employment.  The system has no exploitation
signs as one works for personal gains. The only limitation in this, is how to
start self-employment? How to initiate your own office? These are the

We will try to answer
them in this article. First lets see the advantages of this employment system. After
seeing the advantages compare them with the employed employment if they fit for

It is free to do other activities and there is No working hour limit. You will
decide when to work and when to rest. You can choose yourself what and how to
work. The commands are from yourself. This will free you from stress.

Easy to meet your succession story. It can give sufficient income which can
meet your needs. Meeting your needs initiate a journey to your dream chasing. You
can become employer instead of employee.

And since You can work
any where whether in office or home. This type of employment makes you flexible
to work. Therefore things are done timely. Because they can be done every where
depending on the mood and time they arise.
as the first form, this also can help you to get loan from governmental

After taking a look in
types of employments. Now let’s focus on how can start a self-employment. Activities
that are good for self-employment.

COMMODITY TRADING; in generally trade is a huge category. But depending
on the location and population where you are it is easy to specify. In order to
start a business that will make you benefit from it check the following points.

>>Your location;
this will tell you what is available for trading. Availability of trading material
is key factor. You need to choose a commodity that doesn’t cost you much to
bring to your location for trade. Also, in this you must consider what is being
needed much. This will help you to win the competitors.

If the commodity you want
to trade is being already available in some competitors, be creative. Think what
to add in order to make you service unique.

: is a good way to make
your own income. Teaching doesn’t mean you to be a teacher by professional. Only
by knowing something which is important in the community while others don’t know
it. Anyone ready to study it, its your opportunity. For example, if you know how
to do something online ether by studying it in school, or informally. You can
teach others by paying you first.

USE YOUR TALENT : in this world we believe everyone has got his/her talent.
The only limitation here is that some people don’t know how to discover their
talents. In order to know your talent, first check out your daily routines. Then
investigate which things you like more to do. These two are the most important
terms to know your talent.

After knowing your
talent now is time to add value to your talent. You have to develop some ideas
that can make your talent unique. Passing through these stages you will
automatically start to see opportunities about your talent.

DEVELOP A CREW: This simply means an organization that acts as one group
to perform a certain task. As the word company used in daily uses, supporting
in something. So, company doesn’t always mean to be a huge investment. It can
start as low level as possible from just a crew. Then will develop to its maximal.

In choosing a crew’s
members, make sure your interests are somehow the same. This will help you all to
focus effectively in what you do.

SPORTS AND GAMES PARTICIPATION: this is nearly the same as talent use
but here you can learn it also. In talents are something inborn. Sports and
games are the good source of income if you take it seriously.

Though it is not easy to
start learning how to play in older ages, but if you have some concepts as
inborn talent, you can use them to develop a professionalism in sports. The good
and supper idea here is to start it in early ages. Go to academies and
specialize on it.

I hope there is even a
small concept you got, if yes comment below.

Thank you for reading in
our blog….

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