Best SEO plugins for wordpress 2022

Best SEO plugins for wordpress 2022

What is SEO and why we wander to choose best SEO plugin for a website or a blog did you ever thought, the reason is it directly impact your SE ranking, so now what sort of things we need to achieve good SEO; there so many things like using a cache plugin, optimizing codes and scripts, optimizing images, optimizing the database and moreover one of the most important things to achieve this greatest fest is using a good SEO plugin.

The Seo plugin will direct or tell the search engines how you want to present your website to it using sitemaps because it improves your SERP RANKINGS, Fixes the broken links.

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The Best SEO Plugin Of 2022 in WordPress

Now let’s learn about different types of SEO in brief


The term contains outbound links, inbound links or internal links, Title tag and Meta description, images including content of your website and each webpage.


OFF page SEO means what actions you are taking to make your website visible out of the box that means writing Guest post for obtaining a backlink because a good backlink is very important for any website, social media branding of your website, Video and audio influencing, collaboration wring for big brands since all the stuffs taken outside for a website directly or directly it will influence your rankings.

Local SEO

This means that how you are going to present your website locally, this contains a local presence for your business, meaning to say that you are able to access your website using voice search and last but not least does your website have Google Business Profile.

Technical SEO

This includes indexing, crawling, speed of your website, structured markup, architecture of your website and you need to make sure that the website is easily accessible to search engines i.e. any user can navigate your website in an easy way, this will make the job easy for any blog or website.

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1.Yoast is the best SEO plugin

Yoast Comes with a beautiful interface which is very easy to configure, hence this is the reason why it is the most coveted and the one of the best SEO plugins.

It has more than 27000 5-star ratings.

The plugin comes with the finest ON-Page SEO AND Technical SEO.

This SEO plugin comes with Readability analysis and SEO analysis for every page of your website.

The readability analysis gives Flesch reading score with certain checks like Passive voice, checks consecutive words in your sentence, checks sub-headings whether you are giving it in proper manner or not.

The plugin comes with Schema mark-up.

You can manually add Title and meta description template so that you can see how it looks in SERP.

This plugin has wide on-page SEO analysis

The most powerful SEO plugin hence it integrates with Google search console beautifully.

The plugin keeps a track record of your social media pages.

It is the most lovable plugin for those who want to write SEO friendly content in their blog posts.

It optimizes your content for related key phrases and synonyms so that you rank easily.

You can easily set your focus keywords moreover you can add OPEN GRAPH META Tag/Data.

The SEO plugin has the power to give you control over the breadcrumbs.

It has a very user-friendly interface.

The plugin has a very beautiful way of scoring your content with a flavor of orange, red and Green which gives you a clear and concise way in order to understand how beautifully you are writing content.

You can set your canonical URL to avoid duplicate content.

The SEO plugin has keyword optimization.

This has a beautiful support for no-index content.

It also has a feature which decides how your website looks on Twitter and Facebook.

XML sitemaps and advanced XML sitemaps make the job easier for the search engines to crawl your website in order to rank your site easily.

You can also import your SEO data using this plug-in.

Premium plugin of Yoast Comes with a price of $89

Which offers you a redirect manager, free customer support, content in-sights, and an ad-free interface will give you suggestions for internal links, Local SEO, Video SEO, internal link blocks, and finally optimization for articles, keywords and content etc.

2. Rank Math

This is a revolutionary plug-in since it became the talk of the town in a very less time frame.

It has an installation of more than 1 million and is ongoing and keeps on rising.

Its features give the user the best experience in order to rank their blog high in the engine.

They makers recently came up with content AI which gives you the ability to select keywords as per your needs in order to rank in the search engine.

This is a one in all plugin and sometimes you can call it a successor to All-in-One SEO.

The SEO plugin comes with Google Analytics integration and hence it fetches your website data from Google Analytics periodically.

Rank Math comes with deep content analysis,

This is also an added feature of the plugin which makes it the biggest competitor among its counterparts.

It has inbuilt SEO with native support of rich snippets like Article, Product, Recipes, Events, Video, and Local Business.

The plugin beautifully integrates with Google Search Console and hence gives you an idea of how many keywords you are ranking for in the engine.

It also gives you a search impression

This comes with a 404 monitor, redirection, Rich snippets, Xml sitemaps, internal links and outbound links.

It comes with SEO Analysis which checks for more than 40 factors and tells you where your website and your particular web-page is lagging so that you can work on it.

The plugin can submit your sitemaps easily to Google Search Console in order to take you high in SERP.

You can control no-index, no follow and no archive meta tags using this plugin.

It is embedded with a feature called SEO score which shows the result in the percentage form which makes it unique among its peers.

The plugin can ping your search engines.

It also has Local SEO as well as image SEO.

The plugin has support for unlimited keywords.

Rank Math finds and fixes Google Crawl Errors.

You don’t need an additional plugin for twitter and Facebook meta tags, since this plugin is bundled with these beautiful features.

3. SEOPress

It has video XML Sitemaps

This is a white labeled plugin.

The SEO plugin has Support for unlimited keywords.

You can Analyze your content deeply based on the chosen keywords.

SEOPress has open graph data and google knowledge graph.

The plugin has dashboards for Google Analytics which integrate with it in a beautiful way.

It also has detailed on-page SEO analysis.

The SEO plugin has multi-language support.

You can put your title and meta description post/pages etc. with new dynamic variables

The plugin can import settings from your previous plugin.

This is also embedded with the features which check duplicate content on your site

It has image XML sitemaps, html sitemaps and video xml sitemaps to improve search indexing for Google images

It has content analysis which paves a beautiful path to optimize your post as per the search Engine.

The SEO plugin comes with Local Business SEO.

The plugin will improve traffic to your website.

It will improve the social sharing of your blog and website.

This plugin is one of the most powerful SEO plugins.

You can add schema and it also has open graph meta support.

Advanced Version

In Comparison to Yoast SEO if you are going for advanced it is much more affordable when it comes to price.

You can manage 301 directly.

It has Woo commerce.

This has a Broken link checker.

The plugin is featured with structured data also.

It has redirection and 404 monitoring.

The SEO plugin can track your site in minimal time.

You can use this plugin for a sum of 39 Dollars on unlimited sites.

4.The SEO Framework

This SEO plugin is the lightest weight plugin without any advertisement.

The plugin has been labeled as the successor to Yoast.

So, it means that if somebody is not using Yoast then he can use the Seo framework.

It has a visual colored scale which makes it a unique plugin among its peers.

The SEO Framework has a good Local SEO connection for those who are using websites for their business needs.

This plugin has a comment spamming section which eliminates the need for an additional plugin.

It has a beautiful interface which is pre-configured.

Hence you need to do only little settings and this will take you sky high in SERP rankings.

This SEO plugin focuses on the whole content of your website.

5.Squirrly SEO

This plugin is a new kid on the block. If you are a technocrat and want to explore more and more with the plugins, in order to learn SEO, you can give this plugin a try.

Q: -Which is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

Ans: –1. Yoast 2. SEOPress 3. Rank Math 4. The SEO Framework 5. All IN ONE SEO 6. SQuirrly SEO

Q: -Do you need a SEO plugin for your website?

Ans: -WordPress has evolved a lot so until and unless you don’t require a fancy title tag don’t use a SEO plugin since earlier SEO plugin was required to avoid duplicates.

Q: -Does Yoast be one of the best SEO plugins?

Ans: -Undoubtedly yes since it will give you ways to learn SEO and take your blog or website to a new level.

Q: -How do I make my website SEO friendly?

Ans: –1. Write engaging headlines and best meta description 2. Update permalink settings of your website 3. Optimize every piece of stuff on your website 4. Use relevant links in your content 5. Update the sitemaps of your website 6. Choose a good hosting provider 7. Use a fast and responsive theme

Q: -Which are the best SEO tools?

Ans: –1. Google Search Console 2. Ahrefs 3. Uber Suggest 4. Keyword Tool 5. Keyword Surfer 6. Moz Pro 7. SEMrush 8. KWFinder 9. Quora 10. Answer The Public 11. Question DB 12. Spy Fu

The Takeaway

Now reading the above content it is a very difficult task for yourself which plugin you need to go for to rank high in SERP.

So, I will tell you if you are a beginner go for The SEO Framework since this plugin is pre configured and you need to do hectic tasks to configure this plugin.

Talking about SEOPress this is a tech-savvy plugin and you need to configure each and every aspect of the plugin if you want high SE ranking for your website, the beauty of this plugin is it is a white labeled plugin.

Let’s talk about Rank Math, Bloggers and makers call it Swiss army knife and you better know what sort of job you can take from a knife, it beautifully cuts and eliminates the things which are not required, so this SEO plugin comes with all the features for which you need spend a handful of dollars while compared to other one.

Yoast SEO is always the talk of the town, a little heavy plugin but embedded with the features of readability analysis for every page which makes it unique, hence if you want to master SEO techniques go for Yoast.

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