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how to create a paypal account without a bank account? verified paypal account

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Among the questions about PayPal are these. How to create PayPal
account? How to sign up for PayPal account? How to sign into PayPal? Is PayPal
account legit? PayPal account login.  In
this article we are going to solve all these. The questions are easy to solve
as per article.


In this article we will look about how to create a PayPal
account without bank account.  Since many
people stacks on that point. Then we will share the trick on bypassing this
problem. Instead of using bank account we will show you another method. The
method is quite simple than the bank account in reality.

Let’s go deep into the process and the steps from start up
to last.


In creating PayPal account, the foremost issue is to be
aware of requirements. There are several requirements  which are essential. Without even one of
these nothing can be done as steps are dependents on the requirements.



1. Gmail account (an active Email address ).

2. Phone number ( active one that can be accessed at a time
you are signing up.

3. Bank account. Although bank details are needed and should
be the details supporting international transactions. As this have been the
problem for many Tanzanians, we will see the alternative.

About the requirements that’s all about. Then after having
above requirements lets begin the process. To create a PayPal account there are
only four main steps. To start a PayPal account, go to this address here .
there you will choose the type of account you want. Here there are two
categories, the business account and the personal account. The business account
is more advanced and it has more features. Explore the features here. After
choosing the category. (Let’s pick personal PayPal account for this demo.).
continue with the steps

STEP ONE. (Add your phone number and get the code)

In the first step, fill in your phone number and get the
confirmation codes. The phone number that you are filling ,make sure it is
reachable at the moment. You will receive the codes that will give you a go
ahead. Fill that code and hit next to continue.

STEP TWO. (Set up your account)

In this step you will fill your particulars. Fill in the
email address, and your names. The email address also should be active. After
filling the email address then fill your names. Starting with your first name,
middle and the last name. to sign up for PayPal account it is recommended to
use your official details so as your bank details will match. After filling
your email and names then create your password. The password you are creating
make sure it is strong.

STEP THREE. (Add your address )

In this fields fill your nationality. Fill in your address
line starting with a specific area you are living (example ward). Thereafter,
write your city and the state of resident. Then you will finish with postal
address .


At the bottom there are two confirmation boxes. The STAY
agreement box is not optional to confirm, thus must be ticked. The box to stay
logged into your account is your optional.

After checking the boxes 
then click continue.


STEP FOUR. (Link a card, and set up your payment details)

Hello there, are you in? . Now this is the most target for
many people as many have no bank accounts supporting international
transactions. This bank accounts must be visa cards or master cards.

To solve this first you must have a VODACOM Sim card.
Vodacom offers a visa card services for every interested user. The service is
free of charge. Every interested user can create his/her visa card for free
anytime with Vodacom Sim card.


how to create a paypal account without a bank account? verified paypal account

How to create a Visa Card for Free? Is Visa card free?

Yes, Vodacom via M-Pesa services offers a free visa card
account for free. To create your card, follow the steps bellow 

dial the M-pesa menu (*150*00#)  

choose number 4 (pay via M-pesa)

choose number 6 (M-Pesa Visa card)

choose number 1 ( create a card)

After the steps above, now, you have a visa card to use for
your PayPal account. Copy the CVV, card number and the expire date to be used.

Wow, now we have our bank details as per requirements to
sign into PayPal. How to fill the bank details for PayPal account? Here we are.

Starting with the card number, fill the numbers for your
card. The number is provided instantly after creating your VISA CARD account
via M-pesa. 

Then fill in the expire 
date of your visa card inform of mm/yd (e.g., 02/24 meaning that
February/ 2024).

After then, fill in your security number. The security
number is named as CVV code or CSC code in your bank account details. It is a
number with three digits.

Add your billing address. After filling the security code,
bank account number and the expire date you may opt to leave address field
blank. But it Is recommended to fill it.

Having filled all of the fields above you are done. This is
how to link a card for a PayPal account. The details for your card are very
confidential to you. Never show it to anyone. Now click link a card to finish
up. Now your PayPal account is linked with your account. You may opt to make it
preferred billing card or not.



>Navigate the PayPal link here

>opt out create account

>fill in your phone number

>write the code sent to your phone

>write your email address and your names.

>specify your residential address.

>link a card (see how to create a visa card for free

> start using your account.

How to send money via PayPal account?

Since PayPal is a transaction account, it allows money
transferring internationally. Sending money with PayPal is easier. Only few
steps are involved to send your payments. In order to send payment, navigate a
SEND tab. Search the name, username or email of the recipient. Enter the
transaction details like amount. Allow the payment at the go.

 you may check the video on how to create a paypal account here

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