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How to Get Police Loss Report Online

What is a loss report? How to get a police loss report
online? These are two main questions to be answered in this article. The article
will make you aware of this term. Before starting discussing how to
get loss report online. Let’s first see what is loss report?

Loss report is a document that shows your loss details.
Where to fill loss report? Loss report is filled out online. The government
established a special system for loss report. There are steps to download a police
loss report. Police loss report PDF is obtained after following all steps.

Also, there are payments for online loss reports. The payments
are made via a control number. The control number to get online loss report is
provided after filling in all the information. We will pass through steps in this

The Police Force collaborating with Government
e-Payment Gateway (GePG) lets you fill out a letter of loss “police loss
report” via the Internet and pay for using your phone via GePG


Police loss report form is filled
online. All the steps are done online as we will show here. To  Fill out the form via the Internet to provide
a description of the loss. Below are the steps to follow.

Before steps, navigate the
website for loss report services. The website’s home page shows several quick
widgets. Registration for loss report is shown as “REGISTER LOST PROPERTY”. There
you will get access to the steps for downloading your loss report PDF. Let’s go
deep into steps.

1. provide the details,


After clicking the registration
widget, the first thing is to provide complete information. There are two
phases to fill information. The first one is for personal information. Fill in
the personal details as asked. Names, birth date, marital status, phone number, and
your ID card number.

There are some optional details
which can be ignored. Example of these are emails.

After fill in personal details then
fill in residential details. Region, district and the place you are living (street
/ ward). If there is postal address you can fill it too. But for postal address
it is optional in loss report form filling.

SUMMARY 1.navigate the website 2.fill the personal details 3.fill your residential details 4.provide lost property details 5.make payments 6. print...


After fill in your personal
details then fill the lost property’s information. Fill in region, district and
the specific place where the property lost. The date and time where the
property lost is also required to fill.

Select the type of property you
lost. There are several categories to select. ID cards, sim cards, certificates
and other properties are available for selection. If your property has a number
write it in the property number box.

Provide additional information
for your property, if any. For example, you can add how it looks, size, model and
so forth.  Additional information about property
is optional to fill.

When you are done with the details click save and continue. You will jump to the next step.

SUMMARY 1.navigate the website 2.fill the personal details 3.fill your residential details 4.provide lost property details 5.make payments 6. print...

2. make payments to download your
loss report.

Police loss report document is billed
via control numbers. After fill in the details and save you will get an
automatic generated control number. You will get Control Number with
99XXXXXXXXXX format. The price for the police loss report to be paid is only 500/=

The payments can be made via banks,
and mobile network payment methods. M-pesa, Tigopesa, T-pesa, Airtel Money and
other networks can be used. Also through banks the control number can make
payments for police loss report. Therefore, Pay Tsh 500 / = through any method
to the control number.


How to Get Police Loss Report Online

3.Go to any police station for

After payments, Print a loss
report and go to any near police station for proof. Make sure you go with your
original ID card you mentioned above. The ID that you have proves your details
for the police further assistance.

If Your IDs are the property
that lost, go with any official document that prove your identity. Then explain
the situation to them.

After these steps then you are
done on how to download a loss report online. Here is the link to the online
loss report services. ONLINE


1.navigate the website

2.fill the personal details

3.fill your residential details

4.provide lost property details

5.make payments

6. print and go to police
station for confirmation


Follow up a registered

Search your report



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