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New Job Vacancies at World Vision International

Knowledge Management and Learning Specialist
 Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic Of
time type Full time
job requisition id R13502
With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.
Come join our 34,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!

Key Responsibilities:

Promote Organizational evidence documentation and Learning: 20%

  • Document and disseminate promising approaches, technologies, guidelines, and learning of the program for advocacy and policy development.
  • Coordinate evidence-building and disseminate learning on best practices for program quality, participating in conducting research, sharing and replicating promising practices aimed at ministry improvement
  • Document the major key lessons and findings from project evaluations and operations audits and disseminate them for organizational learning and decision-making.

End Results

  • The results of programs are synthesized and disseminated to influence the development of programs and all new business

Support coordination of the NO capacity to report on their contribution to Child Well Being with adequate rigor and standards of quality: 20%

  • Gather relevant information regarding best practices for program design, monitoring, and evaluation from within and outside the WVI partnership and shares it with field staff to facilitate organizational learning and experience sharing. Compile various reports (monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, etc.) and other information
  • Support to conduct programmatic monitoring, reviews, assessments, and evaluation of the program.
  • Monitor implementation of activities through regular field visits and interactions with communities, local government bodies, and other stakeholders.

End Results

  • Quality documented processes and information products on Child Well being

Data Visualization for Evidence Building: 20%

  • Develop Maps and Pictorial documentation relevant to WV operations in Tanzania showing our geographic coverage and interventions in Sponsorship, for proposal writing requirement, in Grants and PNS programs/projects.Developing and monitoring Story Map initiatives show casing our impact we contribute to the MVC in APs and Grants as part of evidence base documentation
  • Organizing an archiving system and control the access to documents

End ResultsMaps

  • Stories and other evidence generated is well packaged to further support simplified information needed for programming and for grant acquisitionn
  • Evidence building and documentation processes are well supported
  • Well captured data are available and analysed for quality findings

Design Monitoring and Evaluation: 20%

  • Develop relevant monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and knowledge-generating tools and platforms, and assist in providing M&E specific technical training, mentoring, and coaching to the AP and TP staff
  • Facilitate Area Programme Assessment and designing Processes
  • Working with Operations Manager and project team to ensure quality and consistency of documentation practice across the organization.

End Results

  • Evidence generated from the DMEL systems aligned to the strategy goal.
  • Capacities strengthened among AP Staff in utilizing data generated from DMEL for impact monitoring and sharing

Knowledge Management and Communication: 10%

  • Coordinate the knowledge generation and learning processes
  • Carry out research/survey/assessment activities in the projects
  • Analysis of survey data/reports and provide guidance for program improvement
  • Enhance Media communication, dissemination, sharing and networking
  • Ensure the collection, sharing and disseminating of the project experiences, learning and good practices
  • Provide support for the establishment and nurturing of communities of practice, including support to relevant workshops, conferences, and meetings

End Results

  • Knowledge generation and learning processes are informing stakeholders on best practices and impact on Child wellbeing

Resource Acquisition: 10%

  • Provide support in development of sector related proposals to ensure that they meet or exceed the minimum DMEAL and donor standards.

End Results

  • Proposals meeting LEAP, donor and other international DMEAL standards

Required Professional

  • Demonstrated experience in analyzing, interpreting, and reporting on M&E results to incorporate lessons learned into program designs, implementation as well as for awareness-creating campaigns
  • Ability to develop and manage functional knowledge management systems and knowledge-sharing platforms to accelerate learning within and outside of the organizations

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

  • Completed Bachelor/Master’s degree in social science, development Studies, communication and relevant discipline.
  • 2 years of working experience of project monitoring toward log frame and reporting
  • Experience in Impact measurement and monitoring is preferred

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Excellent Research and Documentation skills
  • Excellent computer skills, Working knowledge of office automation software and practical knowledge of information and Communication technology (ICT),

Travel and/or Environment Requirement

  • Work environment: Office-based with frequent travels to the field
  • Travel: 30% Domestic/international travel is required.
  • On call: 5%

Physical Requirements

  • Achieving quality results and service
  • Communicating information effectively Building collaborative relationships
  • Learning for growth and development

Language Requirements

  • Fluent in both Swahili and English Languages

Contact (within WV or outside WV)
– NO DME Officers

Reason for contact
– Drone monitoring, ODK administration. Data analysis

Frequency of contact
– When need arises

Contact (within WV or outside WV)
– Cluster DMOs

Reason for contact
– Drone monitoring, ODK administration. Data analysis

Frequency of contact
– When need arises

Contact (within WV or outside WV)
– Horizon coordinator
Reason for contact
– Support for GIS and Horizon information needs
Frequency of contact
– When need arises

Contact (within WV or outside WV)
– Clusters/Grants Managers
Reason for contact
– For GIS and Documentation Support required, RC Mapping
Frequency of contact
– When need arises

Contact (within WV or outside WV)
– Communications, ICT and Advocacy Managers
Reason for contact
– Map and information packaging
Frequency of contact
– When need arises

Contact (within WV or outside WV)
– TP leaders
Reason for contact
– For TP specific GIS and Documentation Needs; vulnerability Mapping
Frequency of contact
– When need arises


☐ Be Safe and Resilient
☐ Deliver Results
☐ Build Relationships
☐ Be Accountable
☐ Improve and Innovate
☐ Partner and Collaborate
☐ Embrace Change

Applicant Types Accepted: Local Applicants Only
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