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Ajira Mpya Za Walimu 2023/2024

Ajira Mpya Za Walimu 2023/2024

Tanzania’s economy is mostly driven by the education sector, which is always evolving, making it necessary to create modern systems and products that can keep up with the world’s rapidly evolving technology and curricula. Tanzania wants to use and enhance its people’s abilities to drive economic progress.

The government of Tanzania is eager to see the education sector grow and has made it a key priority. Several government initiatives serve as proof of this. First, one of the five major characteristics suggested by Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025 is “a well-educated and learning society.”

 The government will need to engage a significant number of instructors to manage the huge number of pupils in secondary schools across the nation due to the large number of kids who entered Form One for the academic year 2023/204.

A total of 1,073,941 pupils, comprising 514,846 males and 559,095 girls, who passed the primary education exam in 2022 have been chosen to enroll in the first form in 2023, according to TAMISEMI.

In comparison to the 907,802 students who received a mark to enter the first form in 2022, there were 166,139 more students who successfully entered form one in January 2023, an increase of 18.30 percent.

Those who passed were tasked with joining form one, and there 2,775 pupils, or 0.26 percent, have special needs, with 1,491 boys and 1,284 girls.


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