How to Insert Azam TV Smart Card 2022

The Azam TV decoder comes with a smart card that should be inserted correctly in its designated slot on the decoder. However, if you insert the card wrongly, it will fail to pair with the decoder and you will immediately see an error code of “CARD INSERTED INCORRECTLY” on your screen. To avoid such inconveniences, please insert the card as cautioned in this guide. This article shows you how to insert an Azam TV smart card.

How to Insert Azam TV Smart Card 2022

How to Insert Azam TV Smart Card

1. Ensure that your Azam TV decoder is unplugged from the power source.

2. Hold your Azam TV smart card. Make sure it is dry.

3. Spot the smart card slot on your Azam TV decoder and check for the copper plate on the smart card.

4. Gently insert the smart card with the copper plate side going first while facing down.

5. Plug in and switch on your decoder to verify if the card was inserted correctly.

What to do if the Smart Card has failed to Pair with the Decoder?

1. Ensure that the smart card you inserted pairs with the particular decoder. You can not interchange smart cards with other decoders.

2. If you have just bought a decoder, your smart card may fail to pair simply because the decoder has not been registered or activated. Contact Azam TV customer care for help.

Azam Customer Care Contacts in Uganda

Call (+256) 417 709 900 / +256 312 308 900

Email: info@azam-media.com.

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