Latest Azam TV Packages, Prices, and Azam TV Channels In Uganda 2022

Azam TV is an affordable pay TV service provider running on digital satellite available all over East Africa; Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Malawi.

The TV runs with a satellite dish and a TV decoder for Azam. The decoder is full High Definition (HD), which directly settles your mind to the thought of hoping for the best quality picture on your screen. It has radio Channels that you can interest yourself in as well.

Latest Azam TV Packages, Prices, and Azam TV Channels In Uganda 2022

The pay TV service provider is too affordable- if we should all agree because the prices for all the Azam TV packages do not go above UGX 50,000, and this is what makes Azam special, in addition to giving us a variety of channels, all in favor of our different preferences and tastes.

If you are in love with the English premier league for example, Azam TV has got your back. If you wake up to set your eyeballs on telenovelas and your ears on music, The TV provider will still welcome you with the best pictures for your eyes and the finest sound for your ears.

The local television stations, Azam TV has not made a mistake to leave out. They will still come in at your most convenient moment with the latest news, television programmes and the local politics you obviously want to keep up with.

Azam TV Uganda brings you the best television entertainment experience. It gives you a chance to enjoy premiere movies from all over the world, sports, kids’ entertainment, music, Documentary and news among other grand prizes it has chosen to offer to its customers.

Sit yourself down in the comfort of your living room and watch the world below and beyond on your sofa set. Explore the features on Azam TV Channels, go ahead and record your favorite programs and get yourself away with your favorite games all in full high definition.

Azam TV offers different affordable packages with the best television channels all in your pocket convenience. The list below includes the available Azam TV packages

1. Azam Play package

  • This package offers over 105+ channels each month
  • You can pay for it at only UGX 37,000 per month

2. Azam Pure package

  • Azam Pure gives over 50+ channels each month
  • This package can be accessed at UGX 10,000 per month only

3. Azam Plus package

  • This package offers over 85+ channels each month
  • It can be paid for at only UGX 25,000 per month

Azam TV packages Uganda 2022

  • Azam pure: UGX 10,000
  • Azam plus: UGX 25,000
  • Azam play: UGX 37,000

NB; to add a Clouds Plus package to your monthly package, Azam TV Uganda charges UGX 2,500 only per month. The Clouds Plus package has 2 channels, so you can have 2 television channels added to your monthly package if you choose to include the Clouds Plus package to your monthly package. This broadens your experience on Azam TV.

Azam Decoder price in Uganda

A full kit of azam decoder in Uganda will cost you UGX 199,000/= and for decoder only you’ll pay UGX 138,500/=

Azam TV Uganda App

  • Download Azam TV Uganda App for android here

Azam TV Sports Channels list

  • Azam sports HD
  • Azam sports 2
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • Liverpool TV
  • Kwese Free sports

Azam TV Documentary Channels list

  • 183 National Geographic
  • 184 Nat Geo Wild
  • 192 Discovery Science
  • 200 Investigation Discovery
  • 205 Fine Living
  • 206 Travelxp
  • 215 Landscape
  • 502 VIASAT Nature/ History

Azam TV Kids Channels list

  • 220 Nickelodeon
  • 221 Boing
  • 222 Fix & Foxi
  • 223 Baby TV

Azam TV Movie Channels list

  • 103 Sinema Zetu
  • 133 MBC 2
  • 134 MBC Max
  • 147 African Movie Channel
  • 306 MBC Bollywood
  • 307 Star Gold International
  • 308 Sony Max
  • 121000 Clouds Plus


Make a decision today and raise your hand for Azam TV. It is ready to give you a solution to your money managing problem.

Azam TV is here for you, your family, friends, and visitors. All eyes and attention on your favorite channels, and you will forget all the problems you have at work, who’s bullying your child at school or the scarcity of food in your store.

Get a chance to walk yourself all over the world by watching the international news that runs through all the packages. It comes with a little price you may want to pay off as soon as you finish reading this article.

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