Top 10 List Of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) In Kenya

Top 10 List Of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) In Kenya

Non-governmental organisations have played a crucial part in Kenya’s economic prosperity and continue to do so. The large salary that comes with working for an NGO attracts the majority of job candidates. Some people pursue it for the chance to travel widely, while others do so only for the status.

In any case, many people dream of working for an NGO. In this post, the top 10 NGOs in Kenya with the best reputations are highlighted.

Top 10 NGOs in Kenya

The Following are Kenya’s top 10 non-governmental organisations:

1. The United Nations

An international body dedicated to upholding world peace and security is the United Nations. People who work in social work or community development will find it most intriguing.

You can work here and receive a rewarding compensation and benefits package. Additionally, it provides career support through learning opportunities, skill-building programs, and competence – based interviewing.

Another option that offers many prospects is becoming a UN volunteer. Additionally, you are given a Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA), which helps with housing, utilities, and basic requirements.


USAID aims to eradicate severe poverty worldwide and promote the potential of resilient, liberal democracies. People with a wide range of technical, managerial, and operational skills seem to favor it the most. The multinational company that offers a competitive pay is favoured since it hires people regardless of their color, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

The most recent hiring took place in September for an internship and procurement position.

3. World Vision

This is a Christian philanthropic group that works with kids, families, and the communities where they live. They do this by addressing the root causes of unfairness and poverty.

This NGO hires Christians and provides long-term benefits in the form of professional contentment and achievement. They also provide fresh graduates with internship possibilities, and a job opening will end on November 5th, 2014.

4. Mercy Corps

This group works to reduce oppression, poverty, and misery. Excellent job and internship opportunities are available at this NGO from all around the world. They provide you the chance to put your training and skills to use in practical tasks.

It mostly caters to people who have a desire to conduct important work and who want to have their opinions heard. Additionally beneficial for people looking for a lucrative wage and perks package. They are now hiring to fill positions in the fields of finance, agriculture, communications, and administration.

5. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

The ICRC aids those impacted by armed conflict and violence around the world and advocates for legislation that safeguards war victims.

This non-profit organisation hires, trains, and develops staff members. The ICRC experience is regarded favourably since it helps you learn a lot, gain independence, and improve your professional capabilities.

6. CARE International

Leading charity addressing poverty around the world is CARE. Working here allows you the chance to use your abilities, expertise, and commitment to empower others. This is achieved through coming up with novel solutions and producing outcomes. For an opportunity to complete an IT internship, they are presently hiring.

7. Oxfam

Employment with Oxfam is so much more than that. You will be a part of a skilled team as an Oxfam employee. They are a part of the global alliance of 17 networks of organisations that span 94 nations.

You have the chance to further your career by exploring a variety of programs and specialties. Their monthly pay ranges from 181K to 379K. Additionally, their available positions remain open till October 29, 2014.

8. Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a multinational organisation that works to stop serious human rights violations. Let’s take a look at this NGO’s performance in terms of remuneration. Amnesty International offers a competitive salary and benefits package ranging from 346K to 492K per month. Additionally, it offers annual and special leaves, life insurance, pension, health insurance, and other benefits.

9. Save the Children

Saving the Children makes investments in young people to give them a good start. They offer the chance to study and provide safety.

This is for people seeking ambitious, difficult work. You belong at Save the Children. You will be paid well and have a meaningful job opportunity. You have the chance to inspire others and transform the world. The HR internship post was the last one to be filled.

10. The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC provides refugees forced to leave from war or tragedy with life-saving care and transformative support.

Your career will be nurtured by working for this company through internal promotions, transfers, and rehires. In October, they conducted their most recent hiring in the medical industry.


The economy of Kenya is the biggest and most developed in all of eastern and central Africa. However, a sizeable portion of its people are ignorant and unemployed.

One of the youngest nations in Africa is Kenya. More than one in five of the attendees are between the ages of 15 and 35. In other words, youngsters make up almost 75% of Kenya’s population.

Kenyans look for employment prospects in the NGO sector, as they do in many developing nations. And perhaps, this list will assist you in selecting the best NGO for you to work for or donate to.

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