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VM – Admin & Finance Head job at Comunità Volontari per il Mondo (CVM) Tanzania

CVM/APA Tanzania
VM – Admin & Finance Head – Tanzania
Duties – Responsibilities – Directives
Project Name: Admin & Finance Head
Project area: CVM Country Office
Duty Station: Bagamoyo
Immediate supervisor: Country Representative
Contract: 1 year, renewable
Probation Period: 3 months
Availability: Immediate
Salary: According to the experience of the candidate and the salary scale of the organization

The Admin & Finance Head is the person responsible to manage and follow up all the financial and administration aspect of the Organization, to support the Project Facilitators in the project budget management and to give a back up to the project team, Country and Deputy Country Representative in the overall financial and administration areas of the Organization. He/She identifies themselves with the philosophy of the Organization and whose primary concern is to ensure that CVM activity in Tanzania is sustainable, in line with Tanzanian Government regulation and the Projects are planned effectively with resource available.

Your commitment of a high degree and loyalty to CVM Organization is to be highly valued and personnel agendas, favoritism or personnel advantage are against the spirit for which you are selected to work in a senior post of responsibility. A high level of humility and service to the work is expected from you to allow you to enter well in to the philosophy of the projects promoted by CVM.

CVM is dedicated to building the dignity of people and in your work, this comes foremost especially in respect of women, sanitation, PLWHAs and other disadvantaged groups and is seen as an important responsibility.


1.1 Immediate Supervisor of Finance, Admin Office and support Staff (secretary, guards, driver, etc.).
1.2 Supervision of all Local Agreement that CVM have in place in Tanzania, keeping the original and ensuring a dedicate folder in Bagamoyo Office
1.3 Actively participate in the preparation of financial plans for each program together with the Project coordinators and Facilitators in the country office
1.4 Preparation of financial reports, monthly, quarterly, annually and biannual for all program.
1.5 Prepare budget and expenditure analysis monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually for all programs, make costs benefit analysis of activities and come up with suggestions and recommendations to Project Facilitators. Report monthly to CR in Bagamoyo and CVM Italy
1.6 Prepare financial reports for donors and partners as per the need
1.7 Prepare financial guidelines/manuals when needed.
1.8 Follow up bank and cash transactions timely and update the recording.
1.9 Ensure that timely transfer is in effect to project offices as per the approval of their request for the execution of activities. Request to CVM Italy a punctual cash transfer according to the activity monitoring on monthly base.
1.10 Overall responsible of the Human Resource management. Update and keep records, staff files and perform follow up on the Human Resource of the Organization, notify timely the status of the contract renewal to CR and CVM Italy
1.11 Ensure that the performance evaluation of staff is done two times in a year and carried out by the responsible persons.


1.12 Ensure that all the procurement procedures are respected and are operational in project offices in accordance of procurement principles.
1.13 Coordinate and follow up the transportation procedures for materials delivered to project areas.
1.14 Ensure that stock and equipment management is effectively utilized
1.15 Maintain inventory tracking system and perform periodic reviews
1.16 Coordinate vehicles management, maintenance program, insurance, status monitoring, follow up vehicle formats are analyzed and undertaken well.
1.17 Prepare financial document for auditing, ensure that accounts are audited yearly by assigned company and facilitate in the best way possible the audit process
1.18 Ensure that proper communication channel is maintained between all offices and relevant people
1.19 Ensures and is responsible that the Organization’s resources (staff, financial and material etc) are utilized with good care and according to the spirit of the Organization, building up people’s projects rather than CVM structures;
1.20 Keep kindly and effective relation with local partners and authorities, ensure the Organization is represented in the whole value is inspired by.
1.21 Be responsible for the collection of documents and submission of VISA application for expatriate staff
1.22 Ensure compliance with TRA requirements and manage CVM profile on TRA platform
1.23 Responsible of updating twice a year CVM Profile in NIS platform
1.24 Ensure that CVM volunteers houses in Morogoro and Bagamoyo meet safety requirement, are adequately equipped and basic services are functioning.

Three references related to the job position must be included in the CV.
The present vacancy is open for nationals only
Undertake whatever activity may be required for fostering the vision, work and the interests of the Organization and/or may be requested by the CR and CVM Director;
The present list of Duties- Responsibilities – Directives can be amended whenever appropriate.
Deadline: 31st December 23:59:59
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