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12 Job Opportunities at Hai District Council


12 Job Opportunities at Hai District Council

Ref. No. LG/B.20/2/146

 Date: 24/01/2023


 The Executive Director of the Hai District Council is announcing contract jobs for Tanzanians with qualifications and skills for the following positions:-


 Applicant Qualifications:

  •  Must have a Certificate of Diploma in Accounting / Business from a Government recognized College
  •  He should not be a Government employee
  •  Be able to use a smart phone (Smart Phone)
  •  Applicant must be a resident of Hai District.

 Revenue Collection job duties

 i.  Collecting income/taxes from various Council sources using POS machines

 ii.  Submit daily collections statement

 iii.  To ensure that all income/taxes collected are sent to the bank and deposited into the Council’s account

 iv.  Maintaining and ensuring the security of the POS machine, bank deposit receipts and income record books

 V. To ensure that income information is prepared in special income information books

 v.  Issuing valid EFD receipts to income/tax payers

 vii.  Making daily comparisons of funds collected and deposited in the bank

 vili  Participating in the comparison of the funds collected and visible on the POS with the information on the Council’s financial systems

 ix.  Identifying and reporting all tax and income evaders.

 X. Ensuring the collection machine (POS) is regularly presented to the Council for inspection

 xi.  To do other work assigned by his head of work related to the relevant work



 It is an agreement between employer and employee



 Applicant Qualifications:

 i.  Employed fourth-year graduates with a Diploma or Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology Assistant from a college recognized by the government and must be registered.

 ii.  He should have a fourth-grade education

 iii.  Be able to use a computer

 Job Responsibilities

 i.  Prepare the needs and use of drugs and equipment

 ii.  Ordering to store and distribute drugs and medical equipment in his work area

 iii.  Prepare information on the use of drugs and medical devices

 iv.  Keeping records of medicines and medical supplies

 V. To do other tasks assigned to him by his head of work related to his education, experience and skills

 Salary;  It is an agreement between employer and employee


 1. The applicant must be a Tanzanian Citizen.

 2. Be between the ages of 18 and 45.

 3. He should be honest and not have a criminal history

 4. Applicants should attach copies of birth certificates, school graduation certificates and fourth form certificates certified by a lawyer or court

 5. Testimonials, provisional results, statement of results and documents of the results of the fourth and sixth form (form iv and form vi result slip) will not be accepted.

 6. Applicants who studied abroad should attach a certificate from the relevant authority (TCU) and ensure that their certificates have been reviewed and verified by the relevant authority.

 7. Applicants should attach personal details.

 8. All applications must be attached with NIDA ID/NIDA number.

 NB: Applicants for the position of Revenue Collector must have three (03) guarantors who own immovable properties.

 Qualified applicant should apply to the following address:-

Office of the Executive Director,
Hai District Council,
25382. Bomang’ombe,
S.L.P. 27,

The deadline for receiving applications is 31/01/2023 at half past nine in the afternoon.

 NB: This announcement is available on the Council’s website, the website of the employment secretariat and on the Council’s notice boards.


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