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30+ New Government Job Vacancies At Kinondoni Municipal Council

30+ New Government Job Vacancies At Kinondoni Municipal Council

Kinondoni Municipal Council has received a One Year Contract Employment Permit with Ref.No.FA.170/374/01 “A”/136 dated February 15, 2023 for various cadres from the management of Public Service and Good Governance.
Therefore, the director of Kinondoni Municipality welcomes applications for one-year contract jobs for Tanzanians with qualifications as specified for each job below: –
 1.0 CLASS II ENGINEER-Eight (8) Positions
 to be employed with Bachelor’s / Advanced Diploma in Engineering from universities recognized by the Government in one of the fields of Engineering.

 i. To work under the supervision of an Engineer registered with the Engineers Registration Board to obtain ii.  experience required.
 iii.  to inspect Roads, Bridges and various Buildings.
 iv. Investigating the sources of road accidents.
 v.  To monitor the implementation of Laws and Regulations for the Construction of Roads and buildings
 v.  Preparing the Budget for the construction and maintenance of Roads, Bridges and Buildings
 vii.  Managing and coordinating the works of Roads / Bridges and Buildings provided by Contractors
 Government Salary Level TGS.E.1

 2. BUILDING ARCHITECT CLASS II-Three (3) positions
 Employment with Degrees / Diplomas from Universities recognized by the Government in one of the following fields:-
  •  Architecture
  •  Building Design Architectural and Building Engineering Technology,
  •  Landscape architecture and planning,
  •  Conservation Architecture
  •  Architectural Technology,
  •  Naval Architecture
  •  Construction Management
  •  Architectural Engineering,
  •  Interior Design or other similar fields.

 i.  Prepare a plan for the technical needs and budget of the project
 ii.  Inspecting the project area and preparing reports
 iii.  Advising on the selection of contractors and other project experts
 v.  To assess the environmental impact of the relevant project
 vi. Prepare preliminary drawings and drawings with complete requirements of the relevant project
 vii. Conduct regular site inspections of projects (Regular site visits)
 x.  Advising on the ownership of ancient buildings
 ix. Inspecting buildings that have been completed for the purpose of giving advice so that the building can be given a certificate of occupancy
 x.  To perform tasks related to his profession as assigned by his superior.

 Government Level TGS.E.1
 3.0 BUILDING ESTIMATOR CLASS II-Six (6) positions
 Employed with a higher degree/diploma from Universities recognized by the Government in one of the following fields: Construction Management, Building Surveyor, Building Economics, Quantity Surveying or other similar fields.

 i.  Provide advice on preliminary construction cost estimates
 ii.  Preparing Plans and Estimates of construction costs and tenders (Bill of Quantity).
 iii. Reviewing and evaluating the ongoing work for payment at various stages of the project.
 iv.  Preparing and evaluating additional work costs when they occur (Evaluation of Variations)
 v. To Prepare Requirements for Construction Projects
 v.  Other tasks assigned to you by your Employer
 Government Salary Level TGS.E.1

4.0 STANDARD TECHNICIAN GRADE II-Thirteen (13) positions
 Employed with one of the qualifications mentioned below: –
 i. Sixth Form graduates and two-year technical training qualification from a college recognized by technical fields.
 ii. Graduates of Form Four and qualified for three years of technical training from Technical Colleges recognized by the government in one of the technical fields.
 iii. Holders of Technical Test Certificate stage I recognized by the government.
 iv. Holders of an Ordinary Diploma in the Technical Field from that recognized by the Government.
 i.  Doing construction work on house walls and painting and installing pipes.
 ii.  Carving background materials and Furniture
 iii. To carry out surveying works of roads, Buildings and Canals as directed.
 iv. Assigning work to standard technicians and making sure they finish as planned.
 4.3 SALARY:
 Government salary level TGS.C.1
 i.  All applicants must be Tanzanian citizens who are not more than 45 years old and not less than 18 years old,
 ii. All applicants must attach a personal resume (CV) with contact information, address, email and phone numbers.
 iii. All applicants should apply in accordance with the conditions of the JOB ADVERTISEMENT.
 iv. Applicants must attach copies of the following certificates :-
 a) Degree/Higher Diploma/Diploma/Professional Certificate according to the qualifications of the relevant position.
 b) Fourth or sixth form examination certificate,
 c) Birth certificate.
 v. The fourth form result slip (Result slip) will not be processed.
 vi. Transcript that is not accompanied by original certificate will not be processed.
 vii. Submitting forged certificates and other information will result in legal action being taken.
 viii. Public servants are not allowed to apply for these positions.
 ix. Applicants who retired for any reason are not allowed to apply for these positions.
 x. Applicants should name their two guarantors with contact details, addresses and telephone numbers.
 xi. Applicants with certificates that have been obtained abroad should ensure that they have been verified by the National Technical Education Council (NACTE) and the Universities Commission (TCU).
 xii. Letter of application should be written in Kiswahili or English.
 xiii.  Those who will be selected for simplicity will be notified through the Council’s
 xiv. The deadline for sending applications is March 27, 2023 at half past nine (9:30) in the afternoon.
 xv. This job advertisement is also available on the municipality’s website.  work
 xvi. Requests that will be delivered by hand will not be received and will not work.
 xvii. All requests should be sent to the address listed below

Mkurugenzi wa Manispaa,
Halmashauri ya Manispaa ya Kinondoni,

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