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New Job Vacancy At ITM Tanzania Organization


New Job Vacancy At ITM Tanzania Organization

About the company

ITM Tanzania is a leading and comprehensive Human Capital Development and Business Solutions Company. Our team of highly qualified, competent, and experienced experts offers services and 360 support to reaching your organization’s objectives at the expected timeline.

The company was incorporated under the United Republic of Tanzania’s laws in 2018 to represent ITM SARL’s vision, mission, and core values.

We are dedicated to provide our clients with top-notch and comprehensive services from outsourcing, recruitment, placement, talent acquisition and nurturing professional training and capacity building, and human resource advisory to industry solution services. We have extensive local knowledge with a participative global perspective to generate lasting value that meet and exceed the demand of our clients and the ever-growing competitive market.

ITM Tanzania was established to provide tailored solutions to our clients and assist them in solving their operational problems in a sustainable, efficient, and effective way.

About the job

A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the following areas:

  • Experiential marketing and Events management
  • Implementation and co-ordination of activities in regions and districts across the country and engagement of communities
  • Project management on a high-demand, time-bound, project(s).
  • Management of multiple stakeholders (local government, private companies, Government agencies and departments, among others).


  • Liaise with Company in all events coordination including but not limited to, implementing events schedule, venues set up, registration of participants, mob and demob activities etc.
  • Upon being furnished with the conceptual activity schedule by the Company, he shall develop, coordinate and implement an activity schedule for different users
  • Liaising with the communities and the Company’s Community Relations team to identify suitable venues for the set-up.
  • Setting up of the venue ahead of the planned meetings, workshops, or engagements.
  • Organizing food and beverages for the participants involved in the planned activities.
  • Registering participants engaged in the activities.
  • Informing and mobilizing the relevant communities and stakeholders for the upcoming activities in the districts
  • Identifying competent translators, where necessary, for the planned engagements

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