11 New Paid Volunteer Job Vacancies at Hands of Africa Foundation


11 New Paid Volunteer Job Vacancies at Hands of Africa Foundation

New VOLUNTEER Job POSITIONS at Hands of Africa Foundation ;

Hands of Africa Foundation (abbreviated as HAF), is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established under the Non-governmental act of 2002, Its founder is of African origin whose efforts and thoughts are concerned with African communities that are in desperate social and economic needs. The foundation was registered on 22nd April 2022 and operates in Tanzania mainland.

About the Volunteer job Vacancies at HAF.

Hands of Africa Foundation invites Tanzania professionals to apply for volunteer opportunities. The purpose of the positions is to create an avenue where young energetic individuals can enlighten their skills and knowledge, hence becoming good competitors in the Job market.


It’s our belief that joining us will be an avenue for you to continue gaining more experience, expand your network, become familiar with HAF tradition and understand the nature of the projects, this may result in securing a permanent job in our organization as we are expecting officially to lunch new project in early July 2023 and the same is shouldered with writing new grants. In addition, this gives you the confidence to apply for a job elsewhere. You will be allowed to leave at any time or join where you got a job and be, and rest assured that, HAF shall issue you a recommendation letter when needed.

NOTE; currently the organization is based in the Morogoro region, (Morogoro Municipal council). So we expect to be joined by individuals from this region in fact that this is a volunteerism job, however, if any person from another area is able to accommodate him/herself during the stay you are also encouraged to apply.

Check The announced Volunteer Job Vacancies/Positions Here below and Aplly the One which Your Curriculum Suites on..

The positions which need to be filled are as follows:

1. IT 2 position

2. Proposal writer 2 Position

3. Researchers 3 Position

4. Admin 1 Position

5. Accountant 1 position

6. Human resource 1 position

7. Procurement 1 position


Please write us by sending your letter of interest and CV to the following email


  • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree or equivalent

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