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Job Vacancy: Doctor Grade II – TGHS E (15 available slots)

New job vacancies form ministry of health ; nafasi mpya za kazi kutoka wizara ya afya

Doctor Grade II – TGHS E 


The position of Doctor Grade II – TGHS E is open for applications, with 15 available slots. This role requires individuals who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from government-recognized universities, have finished an internship of at least 12 months, and are registered with the Medical Council of Tanganyika.


To apply for this position, candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from a recognized university and have completed an internship of at least 12 months. They must also be registered with the Medical Council of Tanganyika.


  • Perform medical duties related to various illnesses and diseases within their area of expertise.
  • Teach students in health institutions within their area of work.
  • Investigate, monitor, and prevent disease outbreaks.
  • Prepare educational materials for healthcare workers.
  • Instruct and guide their subordinates.
  • Supervise their subordinate employees.
  • Design, conduct and evaluate research and distribute results.
  • Develop strategies to improve the quality of their field’s services.
  • Provide outreach services in the region.
  • Provide medical legal services.
  • Participate in creating and overseeing the implementation of government health policies and plans.
  • Advise the ministry on the operation of health activities in the country.
  • Participate in the medical board committee to retire workers due to health problems.
  • Prepare educational curricula for healthcare workers.
  • Plan and estimate healthcare budgets.

     Instructions for applicants:

    i. Applicants who will be selected will be assigned to work in areas with a severe shortage of health professionals, and there will be no changing of stations once they have been appointed. The areas are as follows: Regional Referral Hospitals in (1) Kigoma; (2) Katavi; (3) Sumbawanga; (4) Songwe; (5) Njombe; (6) Ruvuma; (7) Mtwara; (8) Lindi; (9) Simiyu; (10) Geita; (11) Shinyanga; (12) Tabora; (13) Singida; (14) Manyara; and (15) Mara; Zonal Hospitals, Chato and Mtwara Hospitals for Infectious Diseases, and Health Training Institutions. Therefore, applicants should be prepared to be assigned to the areas specified above.

    ii. Applicants who are not willing to go to the above-mentioned areas are advised not to apply.

    iii. Students currently studying are not allowed to apply for these job positions.

    iv. The applicant should choose three (3) areas that they would prefer to be assigned to if selected.

    v. An applicant who intends to go and teach in Health Training Institutions should specify that in their application letter.

    vi. Copies of all certificates must be certified by the Court or a Lawyer.

    vii. Applicants who volunteer in various Regional/Zonal Referral Hospitals should be provided with a letter from the Medical Officer in Charge of the respective hospital to confirm their volunteering.

    viii. Applicants with disabilities and the qualifications specified in this announcement should also apply through the system. In addition, their applications should indicate the type of disability they have and attach a photo and a doctor’s confirmation from a government hospital.

    ix. Applications submitted by post or brought directly to the Ministry of Health will not be considered. Applicants should also be aware that once they have been assigned to a station, they are not allowed to move or change stations for a period of not less than five years.

    b. General qualifications for an applicant:

    i. Must be a Tanzanian citizen.

    ii. Must be between 18 and 45 years of age.

    iii. Must not be an employee of the government or an employee of religious organizations’ hospitals whose salary is paid by the government.

    iv. An applicant who has previously worked in the government and has a cheque number must follow the procedure for requesting permission to return to public service and continue to use the Cheque Number after leaving employment as stipulated in Circular No. CCB.228/271/01 dated August 7, 2012.

    v. The applicant must have the qualifications and expertise according to the Service Development Circular No. 1 of 2009 for the cadres under the Ministry of Health as specified above.

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