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New Employment Advert at Kusini Gateway Industrial Park Ltd.

New Employment Advert at Kusini Gateway Industrial Park Ltd.

About The Employer

We operate extensive mining activities with our over 500 primary mining licenses that allow us to work on different natural resources such as Gold, Copper, Nickel, Graphite, etc. Making the most of market developments and advances in technology, our mining operations support clients as they navigate increasing regulations and more complex challenges than ever before.

While mining, we consider plants and we work to keep our carbon imprint to the barest minimum. We try to stay as green as possible to benefit our planet. As a show of commitment, for any tree we cut down to pave way for a mining project, we plant 3 trees somewhere else within the same area. With us, the environment is safe for all.

Our real estate operations cover the industrial park, beach plots, and private island. We provide optimum returns on investment for clients while our industrial park has all the necessary amenities to support the establishment of new companies. The features of our beach plots and private islands include desirable qualities and easy accessibility. Hence, we will help you achieve your real estate dreams without any stress.

Our cutting-edge advantage is our experience in all aspects of the mining and real estate industry and the expertise we deploy to all projects while our power is found in our partnership relationship with stakeholders and relevant government agencies.

We inspire efficiency, high performance, and top productivity across all aspects of our operations, thriving on our ability to work with professionals and local teams. We also deploy best practices to meet all regulations.

Senior Mining Engineer Job Vacancies at Kusini Gateway Industrial Park LTD

About the job
ROLES & Responsibilities

  • -Determine the appropriate means of safely and efficiently mining deposits
  • -Determine and advise on appropriate drilling and blasting methods for mining, construction or demolition
  • -Design shafts, ventilation systems, mine services, haulage systems and supporting structures
  • -Design, develop and implement computer applications such as for mine design, mine modelling, mapping or for monitoring mine conditions

  • -Plan and design or select mining equipment and machinery and mineral treatment machinery and equipment in collaboration with other engineering specialists
  • -Plan, organize and supervise the development of mines and mine structures and the operation and maintenance of mines
  • -Prepare operations and project estimates, schedules and reports
  • -Implement and coordinate mine safety programs

  • Supervise and coordinate the work of technicians, technologists, survey personnel, and other engineers and scientists.

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