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New Job Vacancy at Xfrey Organization

New Job Vacancy at Xfrey Organization

About us

Xfrey We are mainly specialized in Environmental Service and Data Technology. We ensure customer satisfactions, quality of our service and kindness.
We care about human safety before during and after work. and safety is our priority to both team and costumer.
It doesn’t seem to matter how much progress we make, the demands to do more with less and achieve the highest possible positive results are ever increasing. We started researching suitable alternatives to the standard resources in response to our customers’ enquiries. Financial Well-Being for the rest of Your Life. Visit Our website here for more information.


  • We use, fumigants registered with TPRI and which release Phospine gas mostly used in fumigation of commodities,stakes,Containers and Ship holds.
  • We undertake extensive fumigation work in commodities treated under fumigation sheets,ship-holds or in containers carrying commodities for export.
  • We are a certified fumigation company and offering commodity fumigations of all types. 

About the job


Xfrey is seeking an experienced catographer who will establish the patterns and methods of leveraging mapping projects to build better tools. Also, design analytics to inform how the organization approaches its mission. With a holistic understanding of land, mapping and data, the catographer works to ensure we have clean, meaningful services, and then help us rapidly understand and use the resulting insights inside our services.


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