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1000+ New Job Openings at Jeshi La Magereza – May 2023


1000+ New Job Openings at Jeshi La Magereza - May 2023

09 May, 2023 Dodoma, 


The Commissioner General of the prisons army, announces employment opportunities for young Tanzanians with skills in various fields at the level of diplomas, diplomas and degrees as specified in this announcement.  All applicants must have the following qualifications:-


  • Be a citizen of Tanzania;  
  • Have a Citizenship ID or Nationality number from the National Identity Authority (NIDA);  
  • He/she has graduated from the Training of the Army for Nation Building (JKT) or the Army for Building the Economy (JKU), who are in the camps or who have graduated from the said training and returned to citizenship;  
  • He should never have been employed by the Government;  
  • Be between the ages of 18-33,;  
  • Have a birth certificate;

  • must be at least 5’4 feet tall for women and 57 feet tall for men;  
  • Be fit and in good physical and mental health certified by a government doctor;
  •  not to be married;   
  • He should not have any marks or drawings (tattoos) on his body;  
  • he must have discipline and good behavior and he has never been found guilty in court and has never been imprisoned;  
  • be ready to attend initial prison training and work anywhere in Tanzania;  
  • should be ready to pay for himself in all the initial stages of the interview for this job until reporting to the training.  


      The applicant must write his application letter with his hand (handwriting) and his mobile phone number that can be reached at any time.  along with the application letter he should attach the following documents:-

      • Letter of identification from the Ward Executive or Local Government/Village where the applicant lives;  
      • Copy of birth certificate (birth certificate);  
      • Copy of National Identity Card (NIDA) or Nationality Number;  
      • A copy of the certificate of the National Building Force (JKT) or the certificate of the Economic Building Force (JKU) or letters of identification from the Commander of the Force for those in the camps;  
      • A form with information on the health assessment of the Job Applicant;  
      • Copies of Secondary education certificates (leaving & academic);
      • have copies of certificates of various fields/skills announced vii) have four (4) ‘passport size’ photos. 

      All application letters should be sent by post to the following address:-

      Kamishna Jenerali wa Magereza, Makao Makuu ya Magereza, Barabara ya Arusha,
      Eneo la Msalato,
      S.LP 1176,

      NB: No correspondence will be received by hand or mail expelled from the Military courses of the initial training of the Prisons are not allowed to apply again.  The deadline for receiving applications is May 15, 2023.




      1. Bachelor of Psychology (Bachelor Degree of Counseling, Social Work, Psychosocial);  
      2. Bachelor of Health (Doctor of Medicine);  
      3. Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy;  
      4. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science;
      5. Bachelor of Science in Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering;
      6. degree in agriculture (bachelor of science in agronomy/agriculture general/horticulture); 
      7.  bachelor degree in forest;  
      8. diploma in aquaculture;  
      9. diploma in hospital equipment technology (diploma in electronics and biomedical engineering): 
      10. Hospital Laboratory Diploma (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences);  
      11. Diploma in Diagnostic Radiography;
      12. Diploma in Oral Health (Diploma in Clinical Dentistry): 
      13. Diploma in Clinical Medicine;  
      14. Diploma in Personal Secretary and Computer;  
      15. Diploma in Forensic Sciences;  
      16. Aluminum Equipment Technical Diploma (Level II);  
      17. Construction Technical Diploma (Certificate of Tling Level II);  
      18. Certificate of Cabinet Making Level II;  
      19. Certificate of Welding & Fabrication Level II;  
      20. Certificate of Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Level II;
      21. Diploma in Drumming and Brassband; 
      22. Certificate of Painting and Decoration Level II;
      23. Astashahada ya Ufundi wa Umeme (Certificate of Domestic Electrical Installation Level II); 
      24. Astashahada ya Ufundi Selemala (Certificate of Carpentry and Joinery Level II); 
      25. Astashahada ya Teknolojia ya Nishati ya ‘Solar (Certificate of Solar Technology and Solar Energy Appliances Level II); Suit Making Level II);
      26. Astashahada ya Kudarizi (Certificate of Embroidery Level II);.
      27. Astashahada ya Mapambo (Certificate of Decoration Level II); 
      28. Astashahada ya Ufundi wa Viyoyozi na Mafriji (Certificate of Refrigeration and Air Condition Level II).

      provided by:-

      Commissioner General of Prisons, 
      Prisons Headquarters, 
      Arusha Road, 
      Msalato Area,
       S.L.P 1176,

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