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Financaial Controller Job at Hirecrest Consulting Services LLP

Financial Controller Job at Hirecrest Consulting Services LLP

Jobs at Hirecrest Consulting Services 2023

Financial Controller Job at Hirecrest Consulting Services LLP – Hotel/Resort (10-16 yrs)

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arsha Taviyad
Talent Search Associate at Hirecrest Consulting Services LLP

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10 May 2023

Roles & Responsibilities for this Job

1. Manage and oversee the daily operations of the finance/accounting department of Hotel & its all the profit centers attached to the property.

2. Submitting periodical MIS reports to the GM & finance head highlighting the achievements and evaluating internal control systems/procedures and implementing necessary recommendations.

3. Experience in Tally, SAP Business One and Excel would be an advantage

4. Prepare weekly and monthly MIS, cash flows, receivable/payables ageing reports

5. Prepare budgets, projections, costing etc

6. Responsible for monthly statutory requirements like PAYE, SDL, NSSF, VAT, Excise Duty, WCF, CSL etc and applying/renewal of certifications/licenses.

7. Audit of Monthly MIS, Financial transactions, Payments/receipts, Debtors/creditors managements system, Finding reporting, accounting excellence by providing guidance to Finance controller.

8. Contract management (both customers/vendors)

9. To manage accounts payable

10. Monitor and follow-up account receivable so that there are no outstanding for long periods

11. Maintaining proper files for all documents, fiscal files and records of transactions

12. To reconcile banks, ledgers, financial accounts

13. Preparing financials, projected cash flows and analyzing accounting data from the financials

14. Establish and enforce proper accounting methods, policies and principles

15. Coordinate and complete annual audits (both external and government)

16. Liaison/deal with government organizations like TRA/NSSF/WCF/Municipal offices if required

17. Respond/take corrective actions on Internal audit reports

18. Improve systems and procedures and initiate corrective actions, set & Meet financial accounting objectives

19. Assign tasks with time frame and direct staff to ensure compliance and accuracy

20. Frame and execute Internal controls

21. Oversee inventory management and inventory reconciliations

22. Prepare monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly management accounts and any other reports required by treasury team to submit to bank

23. Candidate should possess Multi-tasking and self-driven approach

24. Any other work assigned by management from time to time.

Minimum Requirements & Qualifications

This Job posting had nor specified minimum requirements and the qualifications to apply. However while applying, your ability to answer the asked questions will be used to test your fitness in this job. So any one who is specialist in category (Banking & Finance Jobs) specified above can apply.
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