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How to Write a Good CV, Tips You Must Know

How to Write a Good CV | Tips You Must Know

How to Write a Good CV
How to Write a Good CV | Tips You Must Know

Having a certain level of education certificate is quite good. But the advantages of having such certificates can be nothing if you don’t have extra skills. Many jobs nowadays need high creativity. That is why building your cv with extra knowledge is important. Here is an article on How to Write a Good CV.

In order for yourself to be marketable in employment opportunities, value yourself higher. This can be achieved by perfecting certain particulars in your curriculum vitae. We want to share the views and thoughts on this through this article.

We expect you to have some additional skills after reading this post considerably. We share with your skills that will make you marketable in employments. Also, these skills will increase your efficiency if you are self-employed.
1. Communication skills

The way one communicates with others plays a great role. Not only in speaking and writing. Body language also has its part in communication. In order to ensure correct information sharing communication skills is the key.  Employers need to employ people who have good skills in transferrin information.

Communication skills increases work efficiency. This is because information flow is perfect. Communicating with clients, workers and colleagues is key factor to work.
In other words, we can say communication is media for working. You need to know languages and how to interact well with people. By doing so you will rank yourself higher. Knowing more than one language is also an advantage. Try to be fluent in more than one language. And at least know few basic words in third language. This will prove your ability to interact with many people.
 2. Computer Proficiency

It is not a new concept that technology is now growing rapidly. Many works now have been shifted into computer systems. It is inevitable for someone to have some basic skills in computer for him/her to be marketable. 

You should have a basic knowledge on some software. For popular computer applications, such as word processing, email and spreadsheets it is highly recommended. Also depending on your career industry, you have to make yourself familiar with the software used based on your work. 
 3. Sales Skills
 Most every career today involves some degree of sales. This is due to the competitions in market today.  Reductions in staff means it is more likely that you will have direct contact with both current and potential customers and clients. Having sales skills will ensure that the company that employ you will benefit in more ways. You will be able to market the employer across the globe! How to Write a Good CV
it is not meant to be a salesman by professional. But having some sorts of skills within sales will make you an extra skilled among many job applicants. Then this will be an opportunity to you to win the battle.
4. Flexibility

The way in which business is changing rapidly and perpetually, flexibility is highly recommended for everyone. Flexibility is not only being ready for what happens. It also means that to have a choice among many options (even if it is hard) that can bring the outcomes easily. So, flexibility first, will impress the employer to choose you, and also it will make you free from working stress.

5. Presentation Skills

Among the strategies to be in good position for promotion opportunities is presentation ability. This gives the view on how someone can deliver something efficiently. Presenting information in a persuasive way is also important for sales skills. It’s essential skill for a leader or one in guiding position. Try to make yourself best in presenting your ideas.
This firstly will help you even to pass your interviews into employment. Employers will look for presentation skills as evidence of leadership ability.  In many positions, you will be required to pitch plans and ideas for clients, coworkers and management.  The more at ease you are in doing so, the stronger your job candidacy will be.
 6. Self-regulatory skills
Here we are talking about your consistency and commitment. For any work to be done effectively, workers should be self-motivated to perform them. This reduces a burden to your employer to insist you to work every day.

If you have participated in some projects that needed self-commitment can be a best proof for you. Your ability to work without pressure from your boss or higher leader is an advantage for you.

Employers like to reduce burden of activities. That is why they hire people to work for them. It will be meaningless to hire someone who will lead to increase in their activities by monitoring and pressurizing them daily. 
7. Be Creative and Innovative

Creativity and innovation pave a way for ease problem solving. In working grounds creativity is cofactor for performing higher in productive way. Not all the time resources for works are available, sometimes thinking beyond the reality is needed to solve the challenges in working environments.

In real sense creativity and innovation are additional features but they are more important even than some essential working qualifications. This is because a creative worker can find a best solution when normal way didn’t work.

This makes these two skills to be considered first in many employment backgrounds. Far from being employed these skills can push you higher in self-employment ground too.
8. Social Media Interaction Skills

As we have seen before, most every job now needs marketing. Social platforms serve as the media for this role. Publishing your services across social media is now a good way to reach more customers.

Many companies employ special people to deal with social medias. Since a company can use social platforms in many functions like customer care, the skill is good. Having this skill as an extra knowledge will give you an extra view in employment battles.

Learn how to publish catchy social media posts, interacting with fans, and reacting to their comments starting from your personal social media profiles. This will build the ability to harness even company social media accounts.

9. Problem Solving strategies and skills
This is the ability to gather and analyze information, then to use creativity and reasoning skills to find the best solutions. Any service aims in solving problems. Employers needs people who are capable to solve issues. Whether are issues for the clients or internal problems but all to be solved. 
Having problem solving skills will market you. This is due to fact that, all arising issues will be solved internal the office and there will be no need to hire others for it.
10. Data Analytics

This skill can be considered as the greatest one. Data analysis has many roles in making sure that the company is performing well. Data analysis and interpretation will provide the measure on how business is going, which service is most selling, which customer consumes the service most.

 This do not imply that you need to have all of these skills for you to be success in your career.  But the more you have, the more value you will bring. This is cv building tools behind the scenes.
Thanks for reading this article in our blog about How to Write a Good CV! Give us your views in comment section.

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