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Mgomo kariakoo “Kariakoo Market Traders in Dar es Salaam Stage Strike”

Mgomo kariakoo

Kariakoo Market Traders in Dar es Salaam Stage Strike Over Tax Inspection Grievances

Today, Monday, market traders in Kariakoo, a bustling market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have shut down their shops and businesses in a significant strike. The strike is aimed at voicing their dissatisfaction with the government authorities over certain issues.
Trader Strike:
The traders in the market have issued an indefinite strike notice, demanding a revision of the tax inspection system implemented by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) in their establishments. They have been aggrieved by the multiple taxation they have been subjected to.
Some traders have expressed frustration, stating, “We are being inspected at the port and our stores, resulting in double taxation.” This situation has become the catalyst for their current strike.

Hakuna biashara kariakoo leo

The Traders’ Grievances:

The Kariakoo market traders are specifically protesting against the tax inspection process and the subsequent imposition of multiple taxes. They argue that the current system is burdensome and unfair to their businesses.
The traders complain about being subjected to frequent inspections both at the port and within their stores, leading to double taxation. This issue has now prompted their united strike, as they demand immediate reforms in the inspection process.
Call for Action:
The Kariakoo market traders have clearly stated their objective for the strike. They are urging the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to take swift action to rectify the tax inspection system in order to alleviate the hardships they face. They emphasize that the current system causes significant disruptions and negatively impacts their businesses.

Mgomo wa wauza maduka kariakoo
The market traders in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, have taken a decisive step by closing their shops and businesses to protest against the tax inspection system that subjects them to double taxation. They are calling for the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to address their concerns promptly and make necessary reforms in the inspection process. This strike demonstrates the unity and determination of the traders to safeguard their economic rights.
As the traders’ strike gains attention, it highlights the need for effective dialogue between the government and business communities to find mutually beneficial solutions. Addressing the concerns of the traders and establishing a fair and transparent taxation system will contribute to a conducive business environment, fostering growth and prosperity in the Kariakoo market. The resolution of these grievances will not only benefit the traders but also have a positive impact on the local economy as a whole.
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