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Tamisemi: Important Form Five Selection Updates 2023 | Read

Tamisemi: Important Form Five Selection Updates 2023 | Read

Tamisemi’s Public Announcement: Form Four Graduands Alerted About False News on Form Five School Selection |Taarifa za selection za kidato cha tano


In a recent public announcement, the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (Tamisemi) has addressed the issue of false news circulating about the posting of selected names for Form Five studies. Tamisemi urges all Form Four graduands to remain calm and wait for an official statement through its trusted social media pages and website. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this announcement and emphasize the importance of relying on verified information.

False News and Misinformation

In today’s digital age, false news and misinformation can spread like wildfire, causing confusion and panic among the public. Unfortunately, the education sector is not immune to such incidents. Recently, there have been claims that Tamisemi has already released the selected names for Form Five school placements. However, Tamisemi has swiftly addressed these rumors and clarified that no official selection list has been published yet.

Tamisemi’s Public Announcement

Tamisemi acknowledges the concerns of Form Four graduands eagerly awaiting their Form Five school placements. To alleviate anxiety and prevent further dissemination of false news, Tamisemi has released a public announcement to inform graduands about the situation. The ministry advises all students to stay calm and patient until an official statement is made through Tamisemi’s trusted social media pages and website.

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Trusted Sources: Tamisemi’s Social Media Pages and Website

Tamisemi recognizes the importance of providing accurate information directly to the public. To ensure transparency and avoid confusion, Tamisemi’s trusted sources are its official social media pages and website. These platforms serve as reliable channels for the ministry to communicate announcements, updates, and official information to the public. Therefore, graduands are advised to regularly check these sources for any updates on Form Five school selection.

Importance of Remaining Calm

While the anticipation for Form Five school placements can be overwhelming, it is essential for Form Four graduands to remain calm during this period. False news and rumors can easily create unnecessary stress and anxiety among students and their families. By staying composed and awaiting the official announcement from Tamisemi, graduands can avoid unnecessary panic and make informed decisions based on accurate information.

Steps to Verify Information

In an era where misinformation can quickly propagate, it is crucial for individuals to practice media literacy and verify the authenticity of news before believing or sharing it. Here are a few steps to follow when encountering potentially false information:

1. Check official sources: 

Always refer to trusted sources such as Tamisemi’s social media pages and website to confirm the accuracy of any news or updates.

2. Cross-reference information: 

Look for consistent information across multiple reliable sources. If a piece of news is only found on one platform, exercise caution before accepting it as true.

3. Evaluate the source: 

Assess the credibility of the source sharing the information. Official government websites and verified social media accounts hold more weight than unofficial sources or individual accounts.


Tamisemi’s public announcement serves as an important reminder for Form Four graduands to remain calm and patient in the face of false news regarding Form Five school selections. By relying on official information disseminated through Tamisemi’s trusted social media pages and website, graduands can stay well-informed and make informed decisions about their educational future. Let’s collectively combat misinformation by promoting media literacy and relying on credible sources for accurate information.

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