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Volunteer Job Announcement: Nursing Positions at Mchukwi Mission Hospital

Mchukwi Mission Hospital is seeking qualified candidates for volunteer nursing positions. Explore the requirements and responsibilities of the Assistant Nurse Officer II and Nurse Grade II roles, along with the benefits of volunteering.


Are you passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through healthcare? Mchukwi Mission Hospital is excited to announce volunteer job opportunities for nursing professionals. We are currently seeking candidates for the positions of Assistant Nurse Officer II (2 positions) and Nurse Grade II (2 positions). If you have the required qualifications and a strong desire to serve the community, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Read on to learn more about the job requirements and responsibilities.

Assistant Nurse Officer II:

As an Assistant Nurse Officer II at Mchukwi Mission Hospital, you will play a crucial role in providing nursing services and ensuring the well-being of patients. Here are the qualifications we are looking for:

1. Diploma in Nursing from a recognized government institution.

2. Valid nursing license.

Responsibilities of an Assistant Nurse Officer II:

1. Delivering comprehensive nursing care.

2. Collecting essential health statistics.

3. Supervising and guiding subordinate nurses.

4. Educating patients and the community about their health concerns.

5. Providing preventive and reproductive health services.

6. Performing other duties assigned by the supervisor related to education, experience, and skills.

Nurse Grade II:

As a Nurse Grade II at Mchukwi Mission Hospital, you will be responsible for providing nursing services in various healthcare settings. Here’s an overview of the role:

Responsibilities of a Nurse Grade II:

1. Providing nursing care to patients in the community, hospital, and other healthcare facilities.

2. Supervising and coordinating the work of healthcare providers in their assigned area.

3. Collecting data and preparing performance reports.

4. Offering counseling and advice.

5. Providing preventive care and family planning services.

6. Offering reproductive and child health services.

7. Performing other duties assigned by the supervisor related to education, experience, and skills.

Benefits of Volunteering:

Although these positions are voluntary, there are numerous benefits to gain from volunteering at Mchukwi Mission Hospital. By dedicating your time and skills, you will:

1. Gain valuable hands-on experience in a healthcare setting.

2. Make a positive impact on the lives of patients and the community.

3. Enhance your professional skills and knowledge.

4. Expand your network and create meaningful connections.

5. Contribute to the improvement of healthcare services in your community.


If you are a compassionate nursing professional looking for an opportunity to serve others and contribute to the healthcare field, consider volunteering at Mchukwi Mission Hospital. As an Assistant Nurse Officer II or Nurse Grade II, you will play a vital role in providing essential healthcare services and making a difference in people’s lives. Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable experience and contribute to your community. Apply today and join us in our mission to provide quality healthcare to those in need.

For more clarification and how you will be compansated Please download the pdf Attached here below


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