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66 Job Vacancies at Tanzania Ministry of Land

66 Job Vacancies at Tanzania Ministry of Land


 Ref. No. DLHT/60/VOL VII/71


 Type of Employment:

 Office Clerk Ill (Position 66)

 Short Term Employment (12 Months)

 The Ministry of Land, Housing and Housing Development is announcing 66 job vacancies for Office Clerk Grade III for temporary employment at the Land and Housing Council Offices in the District of Babati, Bagamoyo, Bukoba, Busega,  Chato, Ifakara, Kahama, Karagwe, Karatu, Kasulu, Kibondo, Kigamboni, Kigoma, Kilindi, Kilosa, Kilwa, Kisarawe, Kishapu, Kiteto, Kongwa, Kyela, Kyerwa, Lindi, Liwale, Ludewa, Hanang’, Makete, Manyoni, Masasi  , Maswa, Mbarali, Mbeya, Mbinga, Mbogwe, Mbulu, Mkuranga, Mlele, Morogoro, Mpanda, Mpwapwa, Muleba, Mwanga, Mwanza, Nachingwea, Ngara, Ngorongoro, Njombe, Nkasi, Rombo, Ruangwa, Same, Sengerema, Serengeti, Simanjiro  , Songea, Songwe, Tabora, Meatu, Tarime, Tunduru, Ukerewe, Ulanga, Wanging’ombe, Muheza, Mkalama and Hai.

  Qualifications of applicants:

  i.  Be a Tanzanian between the ages of 18 and no more than 45;

  ii.  A resident of the District where there is a job vacancy will be given priority;

  iii.  Those with qualifications and experience for this job will be given priority;

  iv.  Be able to work without close supervision.  (Be able to work under minimum supervision).

Professional Qualifications

  i. Must have graduated form IV and passed;

  ii.  Have a Diploma or certificate of NTA Level 5 from the Public Service College (Tanzania Public Service College) or other colleges recognized by the Government; and

  iii.  He must have passed the Kiswahili and English shorthand test at 80 words per minute and received training in office computer programs such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, Email and Publisher from any university recognized by the government and obtained a certificate.  

Tasks and Responsibilities

  i. Printing letters, information and various documents of the District Land and Housing Council including judgments, proceedings and letters;

  ii.  Receiving visitors and interviewing them about their problems and directing them to places where they can be dealt with;

  iii.  Keeping information/records of events, appointments, visitors, meeting dates, work trips of his supervisor and the schedule of other tasks planned to be carried out in the office while he is working and notifying his supervisor at the required time;

  iv.  Serving and managing the operations of the District Land and Housing Council Offices;

  V. To manage and ensure that Council Offices are clean and tidy at all times;

  v.  Collecting, maintaining and returning files and documents to relevant departments;  and

  vii.  To do other tasks assigned to him by his supervisor in accordance with the various Public Service Guidelines.

Salary Level

Those who succeed and are hired will be paid a salary at the TGS B1 level at the salary levels paid by the Government

General Condition.

  i.  The applicant should submit the application at the relevant District Land and Housing Council Offices;

  ii.  All applications must be accompanied by self-sufficient personal information (CV), phone numbers and correct address;

  iii.  All applications must be accompanied by copies of professional certificates, form IV or VI, birth certificate and two (2) recent passport size photographs with the name written on the back;

  iv.  Testimonial/provisional results will NOT be accepted;

  v.  Those whose contracts expire on June 30, 2023 are allowed to apply;

  v.  The deadline for receiving applications is June 23, 2023 at 9:30 PM.

 The application process should be directed to the following address;

Katibu Mkuu,
Wizara ya Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi,
S.L.P 2908,
40477 DODOMA.


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