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Job Vacancy at Union Meat Group

Production Manager Job Vacancy

About the job

At Union Meat Group, we’ve built an integrated meat processing network that encompasses a wide range of activities, from slaughtering to delivering high-quality finished products. As the linchpin of this dynamic ecosystem, you will oversee a myriad of operations: from the initial animal reception, through the meticulous slaughter, to the intricacies of storage, packaging, and cold-chain logistics. Moreover, your leadership will be pivotal in staff management, training, recruitment, and effective waste management.

Production Manager


  • Team and Resource Management: Ensure an optimal workforce for daily operations and ascertain punctuality across the board. Also, ensure adequate operational tools are at disposal daily, which includes vital resources like water, electricity, and equipment such as rollers, hooks, and sterilizers.
  • Hygiene & Safety: Champion the highest hygiene standards in all slaughter processes, encompassing blue, red, and green zones for both the staff and the operational environment.
  • Equipment Supervision: Oversee the performance and maintenance of pivotal equipment, including knife sterilizers, air curtains, and temperature control facilities. Ensure checklists for the same are diligently maintained.
  • Production Oversight: Collaborate closely with the production clerk to validate daily outputs and maintain rigorous traceability systems.
  • Sanitization: Ensure comprehensive cleaning of the facility post-operations and maintain impeccable sanitation standards.
  • Additional Duties: Engage proactively in diverse roles and responsibilities, as and when directed by the management.

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Science or Meat Science is highly desirable

Experience Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 years in the meat sector, with a foundational understanding of animal anatomy and livestock facility operations. A diploma or higher in Food Science or related disciplines will be advantageous.
  • Experience within slaughterhouses or meat processing facilities is particularly sought after.
  • Familiarity with industry benchmarks such as ISO 22000, HACCP, and SSOP’s.

Desired Skills

  • Proven quality assurance expertise within the meat processing sector. Experience in logistics, purchasing, or sales in the meat domain is a significant plus.
  • Exceptional decision-making acumen coupled with outstanding communication skills.
  • Proficient IT abilities.

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