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RFP 2857569 – Business Analysis Consultancy services for insurance scheme – smallholder farmers – VF Kenya and Tanzania

World Vision International (WVI,) together with its affiliated offices including Vision Fund (VFI) across the globe that make up the World Vision Partnership, (“World Vision”) invites your organization to submit a proposal for Consultancy services for insurance scheme to cover smallholder farmers, VF Kenya and Tanzania
Scope of Work

For this proposal VFI is seeking written proposals for a consultant to provide a business analysis on the following question: Which insurance scheme to implement to cover smallholder farmers

A focus should be given to existing insurance products that fit for farmers in the context of climate change in the world, but also narrow down to current products available on the Kenyan and Tanzanian insurance market. The study should also take into consideration previous experiences and challenges faced while implementing this kind of product through VisionFund’s network. The analysis should also consider current products in place at VFI including the ARDIS scheme and how to improve it to extend its benefits to non-borrower clients.

The business analysis should provide:

International general statement of agri-insurance products
Market assessment focused on Kenya and Tanzania with current products available, regulatory framework
Needs assessment from farmers in Kenya and Tanzania
An analysis of current products in place at VF, including Ardis product
A general recommendation on the options to choose by VFI regarding the implementation of agri insurance products and the improvement of Ardis product with example of premiums & process and conditions required to make the projects successful.
Implications/possibility of offering the recommended product(s) to other microfinance institutions outside of our own network of MFIs and other organizations such as NGOs on a stand-alone basis
A proposed step-by-step action plan on the recommended option
Submission Requirements

The bidder’s proposal must provide a detailed response and supporting documentation, where requested, to each of the following areas:


A. Cover page

Include the name of your organisation, address, and contact information.
Include the name, title, and contact information for an authorising official.
B. Table of Contents

C. Company Information and Past Experience

Provide a brief summary of your firm and its culture and a description of key staff proposed to be assigned to VFI’s account (brochures and marketing materials may be included as an appendix, but should not take the place of a brief written response). Include an organisational chart and reporting lines (if applicable).
Include a description of your experience and expertise serving clients
Indicate the primary physical location from which you will be providing your services.
D. Services Description

What is included in your core consulting services?
Are other services available? If so, please provide an overview.
E. The business analysis plan

Responding to at least all the points listed above, adjusted if needed

F. Fee Proposal

Provide the fee-for-services details
Specify which services are included in this compensation and which services would require additional fees.
H. Sample Materials

Include sample materials that are representative of the support you provide your clients.
2. Proposal Evaluation

VFI is committed to a transparent process of award and selection of a reinsurance broker with the intention to secure the best possible solution(s) for VFI’s ongoing needs while ensuring an optimal financial and operational outcome and the best value to our funders.

An evaluation team will review, in detail, all proposals received to determine the best value. Following the initial review and screening of the written proposals, using the selection criteria described below, bidder(s) will be invited to participate in the final selection process, which may include participation in an oral interview and/or submission of any additional written information as requested by VFI.

The following evaluation criteria will be utilised to evaluate the proposals by an internal evaluation team from VFI to determine the best value. A bidder can receive a maximum of 100pts:

Company Information and Past Experience (20%)
Services Description (30%)
The Business analysis plan (25%)
Fee Proposal (25%)

The submission of bids will be through COUPA system only by the suppliers who expressed their interest by email, before the end of the 8th of Dec 2023 LA time via COUPA

For any question during the RFP period by the interested suppliers who get the access on COUPA please send before the end of Monday Dec 4th to , where answers will be shared during Tuesday Dec 5th.

How to apply
Please submit your interest in participating to before the end of Nov 30th, with the subject if the email to be RFP 2857569 – Business Analysis Consultancy services for insurance scheme – smallholder farmers – VF Kenya and Tanzania

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