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The Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam announces a selection process for the admission of one technical assistant.

1.1       The selection process shall be governed by this Notice, in compliance with the Brazilian and Tanzanian legislation.


2.1       The purpose of this Public Notice is to select one technical assistant due to the opening of a vacant position in the Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam.


3.1       The tasks associated with the open position are related to the Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam, including, but not limited to, the following routines: technical and administrative support in activities related to foreign trade, market research, organizing business visits and events, operating and feeding the Foreign Trade and Investment Guide, and other tasks regarding bilateral trade and investments.

3.2       The selected technical assistant shall comply with a minimum of 40 (forty) hours of weekly work.

3.3       Due to the time-zone difference in relation to Brazil, the selected technical assistant may have to execute part of the time period referred to in item 3.2 out of regular office hours.

3.4       There will be an initial, paid probationary period with the duration of 3 (three) months.

3.5       The labor and social security relations corresponding to the function of technical assistant of the Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam shall be governed by the laws of Tanzania, exclusively generating the obligations and rights provided for therein.


4.1       The initial monthly basic salary offered to the selected administrative assistant will be TZS 3,600,000.00 (three million and six hundred thousand Tanzanian Shillings). There will be no salary or benefit readjustments for at least one year after the date of hiring.

4.2       The Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam shall bear the compulsory social security contributions payable by the employer under the terms of local legislation and shall make the corresponding tax and social security deductions provided for in Tanzanian law.


5.1       Applications for the selection process shall be made from 21 November to 6 December 2023, exclusively through the following link:

5.2       The Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam will not accept applications sent by post or presented personally.

5.3       There will be no correspondence with the candidate in the application phase.

5.4       The application is free of charge.



6.1.      Citizens of Tanzania, Brazil or third countries may apply for the open position. All applicants must comply with the following conditions:

(a) be at least 18 years of age;

(b) have a university degree;

(c) be physically and mentally fit, attested by the presentation of a medical certificate provided by a physician of an official health

(d) have no criminal record, with the presentation of a corresponding certificate;

(e) in the case of Brazilian or third country citizen candidates, be in regular residence in the United Republic of Tanzania and have legal permission to engage in paid for employment under local law. Applications by foreign candidates who do not have the required visa allowing the exercise of professional activities for 40 (forty) hours per week in the country will not be considered;

(f) in the case of Brazilian candidates, be in compliance with military and electoral obligations.

(g) have academic qualifications and professional experience in the fields of international trade, business and economics.

(h) have proficiency in the use of the internet, as well as computer tools and programs: web browsers, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

(i) be fluent in the use of the Kiswahili and English languages (basic knowledge or proficiency in the Portuguese language would be appreciated)

6.2       When applying, the candidate must submit the following documentation.

I – Documents required of all candidates, regardless of nationality:

(a)   application form, provided in the link mentioned in 5.1, duly completed;

(b) recent photograph;

(c) identification document:

– Citizen Identity Card (in the case of Tanzanians), with photograph, stating the date of birth and the name of the parents; or

– passport (in the case of Brazilians and third countries citizens);

(d) certificate of higher education (university degree);

(e) proof of registration with the local social security system (NSSF card or PPF card);

(f) brief curriculum vitae, preferably containing references to professional activities comparable to those intended to perform at the Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam;

(g) medical certificate, as referred to in item 6.1(c);

(i) criminal background certificate.

II – Additional specific documents to be provided only by Brazilian candidates:

(a) proof of regular residence and legal permission to engage in paid employment, under local law (passport and Tanzanian visa);

(b) document showing the fulfilment of electoral obligations;

(c) in the case of male candidates, document proving discharge of military service;


III – Additional specific documents to be provided only by candidates from third countries:

(a) proof of regular residence status and legal permission to engage in paid employment, under local law (passport and Tanzanian visa).

6.3       Brazilian national are required to submit the documentation according to item 6.2 (II) even if they also hold another nationality.

6.4       No candidate shall claim to be unaware of these requirements. There will be no conditional enrollment. Only applications with complete documentation will be considered.


7.1       The selection process will involve three phases. The tests will be carried out according to the following schedule.

7.1.1    First phase (7 and 8 December 2023): curricular vitae analysis, at the end of which the Selection Committee will choose up to 10 (ten) candidates that, at its discretion, are considered the best options for the available position. At the end of this stage, the selected candidates will receive an electronic message transmitted to the personal address provided at the time of registration. The names of the selected candidates will also be posted on the Embassy website on 8 December 2023.

7.1.2    Second phase (12 December 2023): written test on international trade and of computer knowledge. The later part of the exam consists of practical exercises on the usage of computer applications such as Microsoft Office, Excell, Internet browsing programs and e-mail. At the end of the second phase, the Selection Committee will invite up to 5 (five) candidates who have obtained the best marks in the second phase to pass on to the third phase of the selection process. The selected candidates will receive an electronic message transmitted to the personal e-mail address provided at the time of registration inviting them for the third phase of examination (oral interview). The message will include the date and time each candidate should attend the interview. The names of the candidates approved in the second phase will also be posted on the Embassy website on 9 January 2024.

7.1.3    Third phase (date and time to be informed to each candidate individually): oral interview by the Selection Committee, which will seek to assess technical knowledge and the oral expression skills of the candidates in English and Swahili. Knowledge of Portuguese (non-compulsory, but desirable) will also be evaluated. The interview will last no longer than 30 (thirty) minutes. The preliminary result will be disclosed on the website of the Embassy on the 17 January 2024.

7.1.4   After the publication of the preliminary results, candidates will be able to request a copy of the assessments from the first and second phases and submit an appeal on the 18 and 19 January, 2024.

7.1.5    The final result will be posted on the Embassy website on 23 January 2024. The first candidate selected will also receive an electronic message transmitted to the personal address provided at the time of registration.

7.1.6 During the second and third phases of the selection process, candidates must present themselves with proof of registration and identity document, 15 (fifteen) minutes in advance in relation to the stipulated time for each activity.

7.1.7    It is incumbent on the candidates to periodically check updates on the Embassy page during the selection process.

7.2       Any candidate who

(a) submits untrue documents; 

(b) does not meet the requirements;  

(c) does observe the scheduled date and time established for the selection tests and interviews; 

(d) leaves the premises of the event without corresponding authorization; 

(e) attempts to communicate with an unauthorized person during the examinations; 

(f) consults, during the tests, any type of material that has not been expressly admitted; 

(g) acts in a discourteous or incorrect manner with members of the Selection Committee, officials of the Embassy of Brazil in Dar es Salaam or with the other candidates; will be eliminated from the selection process.

7.3       The tests of the selection process will have the following scores and weights:

International trade test (second phase) – maximum value: 100, weight: 1;

Computer exam (second phase) – maximum value 100, weight: 1;

Oral interview (third phase) – maximum value 100, weight: 2.

7.4       The final result will be defined by the sum of points earned by the candidate in each exam, multiplied by the weight assigned to the corresponding exam, divided by 4 (four).



8.1     A table containing the final results will be posted on the Embassy website.

8.2       Once the selection process is concluded, the selected candidate will be required to present all the documents listed in item 6.2 in their original version or certified copies.


9.1       The application for the selection process implies understanding and agreement by the candidate of all requirements and deadlines established in this public notice.

9.2       Approval in the selection process does not guarantee entry into employment, which depends on budgetary availability and specific authorization from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

9.3       If the selected candidate fails to present herself/himself on the stipulated date, the next candidate on the list will be invited.

9.4       Candidates considered eligible up to the 5th place in the general classification, but not hired due to lack of vacant positions, may be called, if such a position becomes available, within a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of publication of the final result.



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