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4 New Job Vacancies at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Company Ltd

4 New Job Opportunities at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Company Ltd

4 New Job Opportunities at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Company Ltd – Various Posts Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Company Limited 2023 Ruiyuan Engineering Group Company Limited Jobs 2023

Quality Control
Quality Control at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Ltd December 2023
Work station Kahama-Shinyanga

1.Prepare QA/QC plans for new construction and refurbishment work.
2.Ensure the establishment of Quality procedures including time limits for inspection,sampling and testing of works and other requirements

3.Oversee and manage quality assessment of materials through regular and rigid laboratory test.
4.Ensure specific quality standards are constantly met at all levels of construction projects.
5.In consultation with project staff,review technical specification and recommend standard construction specifications for all items of works for their effective use in projects works.
6.Perform other duties as may be assigned.
7.Note and report on work that does not meet requirements.

1. Excellent Communication skills(spoken,written and presentation),including ability to present sensitive issues/positions and to write reports and technical decisions quantitatively justified.
2. Excellent interpersonal skills,ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship in a mult cultural,milt-ethenic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
3. Bachelor degree in Engineering or related field.
4. Not less than 2years experience of working in a similar role.

Environmental Engineer
Environmental Engineer at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Ltd December, 2023
Work station Kahama-Shinyanga

1.Carrying out site assessments.
2.Conducting technical audits.
3.Making recommendations on clean up and waste management activities.
4.Assessing how a site complies with environmental regulations.
5.Evaluating environmental impact.
6.Obtaining and maintaining plans,permits and standard operating procedures.
7.Designing,developing,testing and implementing technical solutions which will help organizations actively reduce their negative impact on the environment.

1.Great problem solving skills.
2.Knowledge of Environmental regulations
3.Ability to work out in the field.
4.Ability to make presentation.
5.Bachelor degree in Environmental or related field.

Quantity Surveyor
Quantity Surveyor at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Ltd December, 2023

1.Pricing/forecasting the cost of the different components needed for a project.
2.Tracking changes to design and /or construction work and adjusting budget projections in line with these.
3.Selecting and/or sourcing construction materials.
4.Measuring and valuing the work done on site.
5.Dealing with financial or legal problems.
6.Paying subcontractors.
7.Liaising with the client and other construction professionals,such as site managers,project managers and site engineers.


1.Excellent relationship-building and interpersonal skills
2.Good IT skills and the ability to learn how to use a specialist software.
3.The ability to work in a team.
4.Attention to detail and methodical approach to work.
5.Negotiation skills
7.Bachelor degree in Quantity surveying and Construction Economics or related field.

Safety Engineer
Safety Engineer at Ruiyuan Engineering Group Ltd December, 2023

1.Provide advice and consultation to department staff to assist them in maintaining a safe working environment in compliance with environmental/safety regulations, standards and practices.
2.Identify and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices in the workplace.
3.Undertake surveys to identify and evaluate occupational health,safety and environmental conditions.
4.Review engineering designs for compliance with company and industry safety standards.
5.Conduct and coordinate onsite inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices.
6.Provide advice and counsel concerning compliance with corporate safety regulation and procedures.
7.Prepare written reports and recommendations.
8.Develop control for identified hazards.

1.Identify risk
2.Attention to details
3.hazard identification
4.Problem solving
5.Bachelor degree in Safety Engineer or related field

Deadline 10th January, 2024.
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