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New 386+ Government Jobs at TANGA City

New 386+ Part Time Government Jobs at TANGA City

Explore 386 New Job Opportunities in Tanga City 

Are you in search of employment opportunities? Discover 386 fresh job vacancies in Tanga City on a temporary contract basis. These positions cater to various fields, providing an array of opportunities for qualified Tanzanians.

Navigate the recruitment portal on our website,, to learn more about how to apply, qualifications, requirements, and necessary skills.

The Tanga City Councilor is pleased to announce these temporary job openings, encouraging qualified individuals to apply for the available positions. If you’re interested, follow these steps:

 Application Process:

1. Handwritten Letters: Submit your application letter in handwriting.
2. Include Details: Ensure your letter includes your full address and telephone number.
3. Addressing: Address your letter to the executive of the ward where you reside.

For more details and to download the job announcement, visit [NAFASI-386-JIJI-LA-TANGA]

About Tanga City:

Explore the rich history of Tanga City, located in Mainland Tanzania (Tanganyika). Having been under German colonial rule from 1884 to 1916 and British rule from 1917 to 1961, Tanganyika gained independence peacefully.

Tanga District, established during the colonial period under the North East State, has a history dating back to its headquarters in Tanga.

Post-independence in 1961, the administrative system evolved to meet the demands of the patriotic Government. Originally comprising Muheza, Mkinga, and Tanga Districts, Tanga District transformed into a Municipality in 1983 and later became a Town Council in 2005.

For further information, visit the official website of Tanga City Council at []( Take the first step toward your next career opportunity in Tanga City!

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