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Programme Assistant UNFPA in Dar es Salaam: Empowering Change

Programme Assistant UNFPA in Dar es Salaam: Empowering Change

UNFPA Programme Assistant: Empowering Change and Impact Programme Assistant UNFPA, Dar es Salaam

Programme Assistant UNFPA: Empowering Change and Impact

In the heart of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Country Office (TCO), lies the pivotal role of the Programme Assistant at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Under the overarching guidance of the Representative and the direct supervision of the Programme Specialist Health Systems, with insights from the International Operations Manager, the Programme Assistant spearheads initiatives that define UNFPA’s vision for a better world.

Making a Difference with UNFPA

UNFPA stands as the vanguard UN agency, dedicated to realizing a world where every pregnancy is cherished, every childbirth is secure, and every youth’s potential flourishes. With its strategic plan (2018-2021), UNFPA targets three transformative goals: to eradicate preventable maternal deaths, eliminate unmet family planning needs, and eradicate gender-based violence and harmful practices.

In an era where human rights face unprecedented challenges, UNFPA seeks principled and ethical individuals who embody global norms, defending them with unwavering courage and conviction. The organization seeks transformative individuals who inspire change and deliver sustainable impact, fostering transparency and excellence in program outcomes.

Programme Assistant UNFPA, Dar es Salaam
 Programme Assistant UNFPA in Dar es Salaam: Empowering Change
Join the Programme Assistant role at UNFPA in Dar es Salaam. Empower change and impact with us.
UNFPA Programme Assistant: Empowering Change and Impact

Understanding the Job Purpose

The Programme Assistant serves as the cornerstone of UNFPA’s country program, contributing to its design, planning, and management. Their responsibilities span from data management to logistical support, from monitoring project implementation to synthesizing information crucial to population dynamics, reproductive health, and gender issues.

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Major Activities and Expected Results

The Programme Assistant’s role encompasses a spectrum of activities essential to UNFPA’s mission:

  • Participating in project formulation and documentation.
  • Managing Operational Fund Advances (OFA) to maintain compliance.
  • Evaluating project activities and implementing corrective measures.
  • Coordinating project implementation with national counterparts.
  • Providing logistical support and training to project personnel.
  • Contributing to knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • Supporting advocacy and resource mobilization efforts.
  • Maintaining networks with donors and public contacts.
  • Ensuring adherence to organizational protocols and standards.
  • Performing other duties as directed by UNFPA leadership.

Work Relations and Job Requirements

The Programme Assistant fosters collaborative relationships across operational, programmatic, and project domains within the CO. They also maintain active connections with UNFPA implementing partners. Academic qualifications include secondary education and preferably a first-level university degree in relevant fields. Professional experience, especially in project management and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, is highly valued.

Fluency in both English and Kiswahili is mandatory, with proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and corporate IT systems. Candidates should embody UNFPA’s core values, demonstrating integrity, commitment, diversity appreciation, and adaptability. Key competencies include result-oriented program management, innovation, strategic alliances, and resource mobilization.

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Compensation and Benefits

The Programme Assistant position offers an attractive remuneration package, including competitive net salary and comprehensive health insurance, among other benefits.


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