New Job Vacancies at UAUT, April 2024

Job Vacancies at UAUT

New Job Vacancies at UAUT, April 2024
New Job Vacancies at UAUT, April 2024

New Job Vacancies at UAUT, APRIL 2024

THE UNITED AFRICAN UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA (UAUT) is a private Higher Learning Institution founded by the Registered Trustees of Korea Church Mission (KCM) in 2012, with the objective of alleviating poverty and promoting growth through raising Tanzanian Christian leaders who are equipped with excellence in wisdom, knowledge, and Christian virtues. The responsibility of the day-to-day running of the university is vested upon the University Council with the Vice-Chancellor as the main link between the Board of Trustees and the University Council. The UAUT is an accredited university.


(i) Qualifications for Job Vacancies at UAUT
– Holders of Ph.D. and a GPA of 3.5 (Upper Second class) or above at Bachelor degree and 4.0 or above for Master degree majoring in Accounting or related fields.
– At least 5 years of working experience in Higher Learning Institutions
– Publications that on assessment produce a minimum of 3 points
– Teaching language proficiency

(ii) Duties
– Mentoring junior staff in all relevant areas;
– Designing and developing curricula;
– Managing institutional projects and activities;
– Writing teaching manuals and compendia and books.
– Developing new courses and programmes; and
– Undertaking any other duties that may be assigned by a relevant authority

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(i) Qualifications to apply for Job Vacancies at UAUT
– Holders of a Master of Accounting or related field with a minimum GPA of 4.0 and 3.5 respectively.
– Teaching language proficiency
– Graduates are highly encouraged to apply
– Working experiences in Higher Learning Institutions is an added advantage

(ii) Duties
– Undergoing training to PhD level
– Undergoing induction course in pedagogical skills for those who had none before
– Conducting lectures, tutorials, seminars, and practicals for undergraduate programmes
– Assisting senior staff in practical sessions, seminars, and tutorials
– Preparing case studies
– Working in cooperation with senior members on specific projects
– Supervising special projects for undergraduate students
– Mentoring junior staff in all relevant academic matters
– Participating in curriculum development
– Participating in developing and managing various university projects
– Undertaking research and publishing research results
– Preparing teaching manuals and compendia
– Attending/organizing workshops, conferences and seminars
– Any other relevant duties that may be assigned by the management

NB: Holders of Foreign awards certificates must have the awards verified by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) before applying / employment in these Job Vacancies at UAUT.

Send your detailed CV, Cover letter, Certificates (PDF), and Testimonials (if any) to;;
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Deadline 3rd May 2024

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