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Internship Opportunities at UAP Insurance

Internship Opportunities at UAP Insurance
Internship Opportunities at UAP Insurance

Insurance Claims & Legal Intern at UAP Insurance

Job Description

Claims: Review and analyze insurance claims/complaints from the claimants and complainants and then revert the findings to the claimants and complainants.

Register claims, create and maintain claims files from each stage of the claims or complaints to assure that proper records are kept as per the Company filing procedures. Manage complaints, update and maintain complaints register and closely following up on all complaints.

Analyzes insurance policies of complainants by evaluating and interpreting the contract to determine the extent of coverage, the exclusions specified, and the conditions affecting the payment of claims.

Appoint internal and external independent assessors, investigators, valuers, forensic investigators for claims and complaints documents verification.

Receive and review technical reports and advise the Claimants and Complainants on findings and way forward. Review, assess, negotiate and quantify third party claims in alignment with the regulatory requirements and processes.

Process payments to claimants, complainants and service providers within the Company and regulatory timelines. Manage subrogation claims recoveries and maintain the register.

 Evaluates complaints directed against insurers by reviewing laws to determine if there is a basis for action on such complaints.


Conduct legal research and advise the Company in order to minimize litigation exposure. Review litigation files, prepare evidence and witness before Court hearing sessions.

Engage with External Legal Counsels and process legal fees within timelines. Update and maintain litigation files and litigation register.

Attending to Court and Quasi-Judicial for holding briefs and update the Company.

Draft and review Company Contracts to assure that all terms and conditions are legally enforceable.


Contracts, Insurance Claims, Insurance Policies, Legal Practices, Legal Research, Negotiation, People Management, Third Party Claims

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Bachelors Degree (B): Commercial Law (Required)

Closing Date for application at UAP Insurance 

31 May 2024

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