New Internships at ABSA March, 2024

Customer Service Advisor – Intern (Slipway) at ABSA March, 2024


Customer Service Advisor – Intern (Slipway) at ABSA March, 2024
New Internships at ABSA March, 2024

Customer Service Advisor – Intern (Slipway) at ABSA March, 2024

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Customer Service Advisor – Intern (Slipway) at ABSA March, 2024

Job Summary

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Dispense and receive cash and related instruments. Provide customer service to walk-in branch customers.

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New Internships at ABSA March, 2024

Job Description


Cash counter service :

  • Cashing of cheques and withdrawals.
  • Supervising other tellers at the counter
  • Process both cash and cheque deposits/credits
  • Purchase and sale of foreign currencies
  • Answer general customer enquiries at cash counter
  • Balance cash in own till and assist other tellers for balancing in case of need
  • Groom vouchers for onward processing at the central processing unit or back-office
  •  cross-selling of bank products and services
  • Provide referral services to the customers on bank products
  • Undertake Customer Service Advisor & enquiries duties as required in order to provide excellent customer service at the counter as a backup only.
  • On occasion, own and manage customer queries and complaints by taking ownership and resolving in a timely manner.
  • Back up ATM card printing.



Cash management – strong room custodianship:

  • Cash sorting and repatriation.
  • Monitor cash levels held in the strong room throughout the day to ensure that both elements are within limits.
  • Order branch cash from the cash provider or central bank in accordance with limits set by the country head office.
  • Immediately escalate all cash issues directly to the Branch Operation Team Leader / Branch Operation Manager in accordance with current procedures.
  • Ensure cash is packaged correctly by front-line Customer Service Advisors.
  • Recommend re-order levels of cash to the Head custodian as per demand.
  • Ensure All tellers and vault balance before branch is closed (Branch Cash Reconciliation)
  • Basically work as co custodian
  • Manage Tellers and Vault interaction.


Cash management –ATM’s:

  • Restock the ATM cash supply.
  • Sort cash for the ATM to ensure that it is clean cash e.g. straightening the notes etc. Repatriate any unusable cash to the cash supplier.
  • Call the external maintenance company for mechanical failure and administration with minimum disruption to ATM uptime.
  • Reconcile ATM cash daily. Independently per ATM
  • Responsible for ATM uptime and repairing small faults before reporting to the ATM maintenance company. Also reports faults to the ATM manager on the day they occur.
  • Visit all ATM’s within the area on each non-working day to check whether the ATM is still operational and adequately stocked.
  • Immediately escalate all required ATM issues directly to the Branch Operations Manager or Operations Team Leader



  • Provide cover for Branch custodian
  • Provide honest, direct, and constructive feedback to other
  • Share knowledge experience and best practice with team members

Risk and Controls Objectives

Ensure that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Absa Operational Risk Framework and internal Absa Policies and Standards

Manage risk and control effectively by applying applicable risk frameworks and embedding a positive risk culture

  • Understanding of own role in the end-to-end processes in which you play a part, including applicable risks and controls.
  • Adhere to Absa’s policies and procedures applicable to own role, demonstrating sound judgement and responsible risk management.
  • Report all risk events / incidents / issues using the defined process for your business area and help to understand why these happened and how to prevent them in future. Proactively look for ways to improve the control environment by considering what could go wrong in the processes you operate and how errors could be prevented.
  • Continuous and proactive engagement with regulatory bodies, unions where applicable
  • All mandatory training completed to deadline

Technical skills / Competencies



  • Strong numeracy skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Leadership skills


Knowledge, Expertise and Experience

(Relating to specialist knowledge and expertise required to undertake the role. May include knowledge of the Bank’s products, services, and policies)


  • Detailed knowledge of the banks processes and rigour requirements related to cash
  • Cash handling knowledge
  • Systems knowledge


Cash management and banks knowledge

Experience & qualification

Proven track record in dealing with physical cash


  • Graduate



  •  training
  • Telephone skills
  • PD team member training
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Know Your Customer/Suspicious Transaction Monitoring/Anti-Money Laundering
  • Fraud Prevention/Awareness
  • Operational awareness
  • ATM training


  • Customer Service
  • PC Skills including Keyboard skills
  • Product Training
  • General training on internal audit practice

Key issues over the next 12 – 24 months

  • Completing the Skills Workbook

Additional details

(of exceptional aspects of demands of the role)

  • The role requires working on non-business days on a regular basis.

Absa Behaviour

(of particular importance to this role)

  • Drive Performance
  • Delight Customers
  • Build Pride and Passion
  • Execute at Speed
  • Grow Talent and Capability

Protect and Enhance our Reputation


APPLY NOW: New Internships at ABSA March, 2024

Additional criteria qualities

  • High level of personal integrity and honesty

Others * Please give details.


Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)



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