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How To register for TaESA Jobs & Internships Portal

Namna ya kujisajili TaESA, nafasi za TaESA, internship TaESA

What is Tanzania employment services agency (TaESA) ? how to register into TaESA? What is TaESA for? Who is eligible to register into Tanzania Employment Services Agency? How to login into TaESA portal. How to get internship in TaESA system.  internships dar es salaam. TaESA opportunities 2024.


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All of those questions have been storming people’s heads for a while. In this article we will answer them. Since the system is very helpful to jobseekers and some other groups. We decided to write this article for you.

Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA) is the portal designed for employment purposes. It is not only for job seekers. The portal also is being used by the employers and artists as well. Employers are able to hire workers/ employees for different posts in their organizations.

In artists categories they have opportunities to join and do some projects as a team. The aim is to make them united and have some power to perform in their career. Hough in these articles
we are to aiming much in this group. The targeted can explore themselves in the portal.

The most targeted group as the main theme of this site is to job seekers. The system provides opportunity for the job seekers to explore job opportunities and get employed. It is somehow similar to the ajira portal system as we explain that system in this article

Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA) is much aimed to save the freshers. This is due to fact that employers can advertise job posts as well as internship opportunities. Internships favor much fresh students from universities. This is due to fact that it doesn’t requires any experience the students are able to apply for these opportunities without any experience requirements.

What are the benefits of being a TaESA member? By registering int a TaESA system you will have different opportunities. Faida za kujisajili TaESA TaESA Registration | how to register into TaESA portal Tanzania

1. Opportunity to access various career and vocational guidance. Also, employment counselling services to enhance their labor market competitiveness.

2. Have an opportunity to be connected to employers abroad for internship or job opportunities.

3. An opportunity to attend job search trainings offered by the Tanzania Employment Services Unit. In turn, it enhances their labor market competitiveness.

4. attending interviews which updates the knowledge about it. and get selected for job and internship opportunities. 

5. Connection to different employers in Tanzania. These is for internship opportunities or job
opportunities at all.

6. Members are Frequently updating their curriculum vitae (C.V); this is due to having different employments hence increase their job experiences.

7. Ability to know market information. This knowledge enables jobseekers/graduates make informed career choices.

TaESA portal registration process is quite simple. The process is similar to that of ajira portal. Though there are some steps that are not included in ajira portal. For one to register into the TaESA system he/ she should have some requirements. Among the requirements to register into TaESA portal are: –

i. NIDA Number

ii. your educational certificates. All of these certificates should be certified by the oath’s commissioner. Also, in attachments phase the university transcript is required. It should be certified too.

iii. official passport size. The background may be in blue or any other color. There is no specified background color but try to make it official as possible. The dimensions should be the square
passport (e.g., 500 x 500 px)

iv. referees’ details. To register into TaESA you must have three referees.

v. Active email and the phone number. The email should be active and accessible as the activation link for TaESA account is sent to your email. We will see during the steps on how to register into TaESA portal.

vi. any training details that you have received.

vii. there are other many details which we will look them in this article. For example, JKT details, work experience, additional skills, language proficiency, residential details, and some other
information as we will see in steps.

Namna ya kujisajili TaESA, nafasi za TaESA, internship TaESA

After knowing the requirements lets now see the process from registering up to login int TaESA internship portal. We will detail each step-in brief for your o understand it easily.

Step 1. Write your personal details.

In this step only few details are filled in. the required are your names, active email, phone number and your password. After filling these details click create account to continue. Whereby, after clicking create account you will receive an email to your Gmail account entered in this
step. The email will have an activation link to login to TaESA account.

Check the email and then press the activation link to log into your account to proceed with other steps. The activation link will take you directly to TaESA LOGIN window.

TaESA account activation
TaESA account activation

Step 2. Choose the registration category and fill your details.

As we have said earlier, TaESA offers several categories. After TaESA LOGIN, you will see three categories to opt. jobseeker, artist and employer are the categories present in TaESA. In this case let’s choose jobseeker as example. After selecting the category, now complete to fill your personal details. Including, names, birth date, NIDA Identification Number (NIN),
gender, marital status and your address and residential details.

In this step be care when writing your NIDA number and the third name. after registering them, TaESA portal system doesn’t give the option to edit some personal details including that we mentioned to care.

After finishing click the register button where you will land on your account dashboard. Here you will upload your passport size in the given space.

Namna ya kujisajili TaESA, nafasi za TaESA, internship TaESA

Step 3. Curriculum vitae (required field)

After having filled the personal details and uploaded the passport, proceed to add your C.V. in the first CV section, it is the required field. Must be filled in. it contains the following
parts: –

i. training preferences: this asks several questions about TaESA trainings. It asks if you had received any training, TaESA interview and whether you prefer abroad works or not. The answers are choices between yes or no in all questions.

ii. referees; fill in your referees’ details here. The minimum number and required one is three referees. Write their names, titles, Emails, phone numbers, institutions and their addresses.

iii. skills; choose the extra skills that you have among the choices,

iv. language proficiency; here you will specify the languages that you are able to use them. You will specify also the level which you are suiting in each language.

v. occupational preference: this section you will select the jobs that you prefer. The section won’t show selections until you filled the educational details. So, skip this step first and you will choose jobs later. The jobs are suggested according to your educational details, skills and the professional qualifications.

TaESA Registration | how to register into TaESA portal Tanzania

Step 4. Curriculum vitae (optional field)

This filed is named optional as for other categories doesn’t require this. For artists and employers this section is quietly optional. But for our case (job seeker) the field is essential. It is
the field that gives the job options according to educational and professional
details. It has the following sections: –

i. academic qualifications; add all of your educational information. Starting with ordinary level education to the higher level. In each level you add, you must attach the original certified
copy of your certificates. For the university and college levels you must also
attach the result transcripts (certified).

ii. work experience; add any experience that you have if any. Write the title, organization, starting date and any other details as TaESA portal asks.

iii. professional qualification; specify the details about your job qualification. Write the course title, duration, organization where you qualified and the country.

TAGS; TaESA registration. Jinsa ya kufanya isajili TaESA, teasa registration.

iv. JKT details ; if you attended any JKT operations, add the details here. Add the operation name, operation location and the year of attendance.

v. other trainings; if you attended any other training apart from that provide by TaESA add the details here. Add the training title, where you received, and when.


Step 5. Submit your CV.

Now after you have filled all the details as above, we hope the profile dashboard percentage is 90+%. Crosscheck your details well before submitting your CV. Make sure that your attachments are well attached and certified.

TaESA Registration | how to register into TaESA portal Tanzania

If everything is clear, then check the recommended boxes and submit your cv. And there your account is ready for applications. Apply different internships and jobs as well.




What is TaESA?

is the portal designed for employment purposes. It is not only for job seekers. The portal also is being used by the employers and artists as well. Employers are able to hire workers/ employees for different posts in their organizations.

how to register into TaESA?

There are several steps. To Register into TaESA one must follow these steps
1. Write your personal details.
2. Choose the registration category and fill your details.
3. Curriculum vitae
4. Education background

How to login into TaESA?

Just simple, Filling the email and your password is a complete process to log into your TaESA account!

What are requirements to register into TaESA portal?

There are several requirements needed for one to Join in this Portal,
Among the requirements includes
i. NIDA Number
ii. your educational certificates.
iii. official passport size.
iv. referees’ details.
v. Active email and the phone number.
And some others as indicated in this article

Is TaESA important anyway?

Quite Yes, If you are a Job seeker or Internship Hunter, TaESA really Suites You.


  1. The system has a problem because it does not allow me to register. When I try to create and account it does not respond at all

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