How Tanzaniaa Ports Authority (TPA) Works | TPA’s Main objectives

6 New Job Vacancies At the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) - May 2022

Tanzania ports Authority (TPA) was established under the ports Act No. 17 of 2004. The Authority is vested with the obligation and responsibility of developing, managing, and promoting the maritime sector in Tanzania landmass. 
The major part of TPA is to enhance the advantages of the geographical position of Tanzania’s maritime coffers. The maian aim is to fulfill its authorizations including provision of services. The authority deals with loading and unloading of weight and passenger services at all ports in Tanzania. It is not these activities only, but also all the issues that takes palce in the harbors.
 TPA’s vision is to lead the indigenous maritime trade and logistics services to excellence. Its charge is to develop and manage anchorages that give world class maritime services. So far,  it aims to promote outstripping logistics services in eastern, central, and southern Africa. TPA continues to shoulder substantial enhancement measures to turn around its performance. Maintaining competitiveness within the region is among the main goals in Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA). 
Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) operates a system of anchorages serving the Tanzania outback. It does so in the landlocked countries of Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda too. 
TPA presently performs the part of both a Landlord and Operator with the main functions of promoting the use, development and operation of anchorages and their outlands, entering into contracts for the purpose of delegating the powers of the Authority (through licensing and concession Ing ports services). 
 TPA administers a different system of Tanzania’s Landmass Ocean and inland water ways (Lake Anchorages). The major ocean anchorages are Dar es Salaam, Tanga and Mtwara while lower ocean anchorages are Kilwa, Lindi, Mafia, Pangani and Bagamoyo. The lake anchorages under TPA accreditation are on Lake Victoria include Mwanza North and South Anchorages, Nansio, Kemondo Bay, Bukoba and Musoma on Lake Tanganyika, are Kigoma and Kasanga and on Lake Nyasa are Itungi Port, Kiwira, Manda Liuli and Mbamba Bay. 
  •  To establish and coordinate system of Harbours. In general way this authority is the main dealer about harbour services.So, all the programs and the workplans are designed by the authority. Coordination of working systems and Work flow are all monitored by the authority’s administration. Thus, establishment of everything there will be on the Tanzania Ports Authority roles.
  •  To give installations relating to Harbours. Installing different machines and operating equipment’s in the harbor is promised to the people. The Tanzania Ports Authority aimed to fulfil this promises it is in their working guidance. Apart from installing those systems, Tanzania Ports Authority should make sure also are operating well. The aim is to serve people and give them quality harbor services. 
  • With the blessing of the Minister, to construct and operate new Harbours. Since the government is aiming in extending the external market, construction is on moves. There should be some well obtained harbours to manage the export and import of materials in the country. Since the Tanzania Ports Authority is the governments oversea in this category the minister assigns the construction tenders to them. That Tanzania Ports Authority role should be performed by this particular post.
  •  To construct, operate and maintain lights and other nautical aids. Is to make sure that the infrastructures working properly. So, small maintainance should be ongoing after the construction of that lights are done. Awareness on how to operetae those light is also required as the role is there.
  •  To carry on the business of dockhand, levee age or lighter man in Tanzania Ports Authority. In simple manner we can say dealing with customers in receptionist way. I only used synonyms here, but the role is as announced before. 
  •  To act as a warehouseman to store goods. He/she will deal with all the goods that enters at Tanzania Ports Authority. In this case, all of the cases will be considered in past, present and coming time. It is whether or not the goods have been or are to be, handled as weight or carried by the Tanzania Ports Authority. Other information will be communicated directly in the field about this role. 
  • To consign goods on behalf of the other persons. this will be done any place either within or outside the United Republic. So the person should be flexible to do it in any time and place. Though in case of any area shifts the workers will be notified. Apart from that there will be with some cost compensation such as per guidance.  
  • With the blessing of the Minister, to act as carriers of goods or passengers by land or ocean. This role will be managed by the minister in action to Tanzania Ports Authority. The applicant/ candidate will take order directly from the minister and act accordingly. 
  • To give amenities or installations to the field. These will be amongst that the Tanzania Ports Authority is being dealing with. The field considers it as necessary or desirable for persons making use of the installations or services. Since the authority mentioned that knowledge as a requirement we hope that no doubt on it.
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