Jobs Released At Tanzania’s Ministry Of Health

Names Called For Job  Released At Ministry Of Health (UTUMISHI) - 26th June 2022





Government-Mtumba City,
 Road to Health,
 40478 DODOMA.



 Dodoma, Saturday April 16,2022.

The Ministry of Health has entered the blessing of 1650 jobs for Specialists in colorful Health configurations who’ll be employed and assigned to work centers that are under the direct operation of the Ministry of Health. 

 This is in fulfillment of a pledge made by the Sixth Phase Government led by His Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania. 

 The blessing of these 1650 vacuities from the Office of the President-EMPLOYMENT provides openings for professionals of colorful configurations in service delivery centers under direct operation of the Ministry of Health 

 In addition, the configurations that will profit from these positions include: – 

in First general group there are Specialists (25), Croakers (215), Druggists (15), Laboratory Officers (62). For Technologists posts (Medicine, Laboratories, Radiation, Eyes-155) technologists are needed. For nurses,  Nursing Officers (140), Adjunct Nursing Officers (467), Nursers (140) posts have been announced.

In the second group Druggists (2), Oral and Dental Health Interpreters (15), Dentists (19), Practical Therapists (15) are needed.  Orthopedic Practitioners (31) and Orthopedic Officers (33) posts also are available in this announcement. 

Also,  Environmental Health Officers with 40 posts announced. Health Sidekicks (134) Health Record Keepers (10) and Motorists (4). In engineering,  Medical Equipment Engineers (17), Medical Equipment Technicians (40) are required. 


Names Called For Job  Released At Ministry Of Health (UTUMISHI) - 26th June 2022 




 JOB Advertisement 

 Ministry of Health through the blessing of the Office of the President, Public Service Management and Good Governance with Ref. Na. FA.97/128/01/”B”/ 40 dated April 01, 2022; Announces Health Configurations as follows-

  •  Further Interpretations ON POSITIONS 
  •  Specialist Class II-TGHS G (POSITION 25), 
  • Doctor Grade II-TGHS E (POSITION 215), 
  •  Grade II Druggist-TGHS D (POSITION 15), 
  •  Physical Outfit Mastermind Grade II-TGHS D (Position 17) 
  •  Medical Device Technician Grade II-TGHS B (POSITION 40), 
  • Assistant Nursing Officer Grade II-TGHS B (POSITION 467), 
  •  Grade II Druggist-TGHS D (Position 2), 
  •  Dentist Grade II-TGHS E (POSITION 15), 
  •  Laboratory Technician Laboratory/ Dental/ Radiation Grade II-TGHS C (Position62), 
  • Technology Grade II-TGHS B (POSITION 155), 
  •  Health Assistant-TGHOS A (POSITION 134), 
  •  Nursing Officer Grade II-TGHS C (POSITION 140), 
  •  Exercise Therapist Grade II-TGHS B (POSITION 15) 
  • Physiotherapist Grade II-TGHS B (POSITION 31), 
  •  Nanny II-TGHS A (POSITION 140), 
  •  Environmental Health Officer Grade II-TGHS C (POSITION 40), 
  •  Assistant Environmental Health Officer Grade II-TGHS B (POSITION 56), 
  • Physiotherapy Officer II-TGHS C (Position 33), 
New 1650 Job Opportunities Released At Ministry Of Health (UTUMISHI) - 16th April 2022

A. Aspirants’ Compliance Guidelines 

 Named aspirants will be assigned to areas where there’s a serious deficit of Health Skeleton Specialists, and there will be no change of installation once they’ve the occasion. 

Those places are like follows: – 

Regional Referral Hospitals: – (1) Kigoma; (2) Katavi; (3) Sumbawanga; (4) Songwe; (5) Njombe; (6) Ruvuma; (7) Mtwara; (8) Lindi; (9) Simiyu; (10) Geita; (11) Shinyanga; (12) Tabora; (13) Singida; (14) Shame; and (15) Mara; 

Regional hospitals: –  Chato and Mtwara Hospitals, Kibong’oto Contagious Conditions Hospital and Health Colleges. Thus, aspirants should be ready to be assigned to the areas linked over. 

 ii. Aspirants who’ll not be willing to go to the places mentioned above are advised not to submit operations. 

iii. Attendees aren’t allowed to apply for these vacuities. 

 iv. In the operation letter, the aspirant will have to name three areas in which he or she’d like to be assigned if he or she’s named. 

 V. An aspirant intending to educate at Health Colleges should specify when to submit the operation to the system along with the operation letter. 

 vi. Clones of all instruments should be certified by the Court or Advocate. 

vii. Aspirants who bestow at colorful Regional/ Regional Referral Hospitals should be given a letter from the applicable Chief Physician attesting their commitment. 

General Qualifications for Applicant 

 i. Be a citizen of Tanzania. 

 ii. Must be at least 18 times old and not aged than 45 times. 

iii. Mustn’t be a Government Hand or Hand of Religious Organizations Hospitals whose hires are paid to the Government. 

 iv. An applicant who has preliminarily been employed by the Government and attained a check number, will be needed to misbehave with the Procedure for applying for a Permit to Return to the Public Service and continue to use Check Number after relinquishing as set out in Document No. CCB.228/271/01 dated August 7, 2012. 

 The applicant should be good and professional in agreement with the Staff Development Circular. 1 of 2009 regarding configurations under the Ministry of Health as outlined over. 

New 1650 Job Opportunities Released At Ministry Of Health (UTUMISHI) - 16th April 2022

 C. All operations should be accompanied by;-

 i. Copy of birth Certificate . 

 ii. Copy of Form Four and/ and Six or Diploma Certificate according to Applicant job. For those who have studied abroad or abroad class attach a Certificate of Certificate from the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA). 

 iii. Copy of Professional Instruments (Certificate and Reiterations). In addition, those who have studied abroad should attach a Certificate of Certificate from TCU. 

iv. Memoir (C.V). 

 v. Copy of Certificate of Registration & Valid License of the applicable profession (Full Registration & Valid License). 

 vi. Copy of Internship Training Certificate 

 vii. One recent passport size print. 

viii. Copy of citizenship ID (NIDA)/ NIDA Identification Number. 

, Ministry of Lands and Housing Development, if your names differ in your instruments as well as NIDA’s birth instrument make sure you submit a Deed Pool from the Registrar of Pledges and registered with the Registrar of Deeds. 

 D. How to submit an operation 

 The deadline for submitting this operation is within two weeks from the date of issue of this Notice (Deadline for submission of operations was 29/04/2022). All operations should be submitted through the Ministry’s employment system available through the employment website

All applicants are reminded to be careful when submitting an operation to ensure that you have duly completed all the needed factors in the system including attaching all needed attestation. 


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